Purifying water is not only filtering impurities

Recently, Mr. Xu, who has no renovation plan, became obsessed with researching faucets, and spent the entire day studying the quality and prices of various faucets on the Internet. When a friend was puzzled, Mr. Xu said that because the boiling tap water always feels peculiar, the bottled water dispenser cannot clean the inside, not to mention the high cost of buying bottled water every day, and drinking pure water often lacks trace elements. The argument. Therefore, Mr. Xu hopes to improve the water quality through the water purification faucet, but Mr. Xu feels melancholy by his friend's words, 'Generally, the water purification faucets sold on the Internet simply filter out impurities and cannot achieve the purpose of improving the taste of the water.'

The first thing we need to know is the impurities contained in natural water, what organic matter is in the water, the peculiar smell in the water, the turbidity, hardness and chromaticity of the water. After understanding these contents, you can know whether the water you use is safe.

Water treatment expert Weibing said that at present, the most common problem in our daily water is the presence of impurities such as sediment in the water, because pollutants cause water to decompose and ferment, and bacteria grow. In addition, turbidity and peculiar smell in water due to suspended particles are also a common problem. Scale is caused by some metal cations in the water, which combine with some anions. During the process of heating the water, it is formed by evaporation and concentration. This is also common in Chengdu.

'If this is too blunt and difficult to understand, then use some cases in daily life to make you understand.' Weibing said that if purified water has no residual chlorine smell, making tea can make The tea is more fragrant and purer, and cooking will be more fragrant; electric kettle boiling water rarely produces limescale; laundry and towels no longer yellow or harden...

After having a preliminary understanding of water, I believe many people will have this idea: just buy a water purification faucet and install it. Weibing said that among consumers who are willing to improve water quality, a large number of people intend to use this method to solve water quality problems in the initial stage. However, the common water purifiers installed on faucets can only simply filter ordinary impurities. If you want to improve the water quality to an ideal state, you must consider using a water purification system or even a water treatment system. However, the water treatment system needs to be installed before renovation.

The water treatment system includes three parts

The water treatment system includes three parts: the central water purification system, the central soft water system, and the central pure water system.

The central water purification system first removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids in the water, and then uses activated carbon to further remove various organic matter, making the effluent clear, clean, halogen-free, and ready for drinking; and The system also has an automatic maintenance function.

The central water softening system uses natural resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the effluent to reduce the hardness of the water; effectively reduce the wear and tear on clothing and skin, and avoid scaling problems such as pipes, sanitary ware, and sanitary equipment.

The central pure water system adopts reverse osmosis method and five filtration procedures with precise calculation, so that the effluent becomes pure water without any impurities and minerals.

Water treatment system is more expensive

To put it simply, the central water treatment system can replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water with natural resins to reduce the hardness of the water; reduce the wear and tear of the minerals in the water on clothing and skin; avoid pipes, valves, sanitary equipment and household appliances Scale production in electrical appliances can prolong the service life; avoid minerals in the water from forming maculas on sanitary ware, tableware, etc. After the household water is treated by the pure water purification system, it can be free of any impurities, kill bacteria in the water, and remove various organic matter through activated carbon, so it can be directly consumed.

Although the water treatment system can refresh household water use, it is currently only accepted by villa owners and some high-end communities because of its high cost. For most ordinary people, water treatment experts have not recommended it. In fact, it can be based on I need to choose some water purification equipment to achieve the purpose of purification.
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