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Removal Steps of Basin Faucet

Removal Steps of Basin Faucet


The basin faucet is an indispensable sanitary ware in every family, and it is also one of the household items that is easy to wear out. Once it breaks down suddenly, it will cause great inconvenience to life. If you can't even take it apart, how can you repair it? In fact, ah, this is a relatively simple home skills, Xiaobian today to teach you how to remove the basin faucet, learn to do not ask!

When should the basin faucet be removed?

Blockage, leakage and unable to store water are most common problems in the basin faucet usage, the installation of omissions, improper use will lead to problems, when the faucet at home appear the following "symptoms", you need to consider the removal of the basin faucet and repair the problem:

1. Some consumers found that when in use, the plug head of the basin plug the mouth of the tube connecting the basin, the basin can not store water. This is because when installing the basin faucet, the contact part of the basin is not sealed, and it needs to be removed and sealed.

2. After closing the basin faucet, the water outlet has been flowing and can not stop, this is usually the problem of the water inlet valve spool, garbage blocking the sealing ring at the bottom of the spool, sealing ring damage or impurities in the pipeline scratch the spool may lead to this situation;

How to remove the basin faucet?

The basin faucet is connected with the inlet hose and the Angle valve, and is fixed on the basin surface by the fastening nut. When disassembling, it mainly starts from these two aspects:

1. Locate the inlet valve before starting to remove the basin faucet. The inlet valve is usually installed on the wall below the basin. First, to twist the Angle valve to turn off water, otherwise in the process of removing the basin faucet will cause a large amount of water wasted.

2. After turning on the Angle valve, there will be some residual water in the water pipe. Turn on the faucet and finish the remaining water.

3. During the installation of the basin faucet, connect the inlet port of the basin faucet with the Angle valve with the inlet hose. During the disassembly, hold the water pipe with one hand and twist the wrench with the other hand to remove one end of the inlet hose connecting the basin faucet;

4. When installing the basin faucet, it should be fastened after connecting the water inlet hose; The nut locks it tightly, so after removing the water hose, find the fastener of the basin faucet, unscrew it with pliers or wrench, and remove the basin faucet.

Notes for disassembly of basin faucet

1. In some families, the hose under the basin faucet is very deep in the pipe, and it takes some effort to remove it. This is because the spool seat may be screwed to the faucet body during installation. You can use a long screwdriver from below the first counterclockwise screw, and then from below to the spool seat and high pressure hose top out, at the top of the time to pay attention to avoid damage to the sealing ring on the spool seat and then remove the hose;

2. Some water inlet hoses have been used for a long time, and the water inlet hoses can not be unscrewed temporarily due to the embrittlement or the rust of fasteners. Can be in the rusty part of two or three drops of oil, the basin faucet out.

This is the whole process of disassembly of the basin faucet, is it not as difficult as you imagine? From now on, I can solve all these problems by myself.

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