Research on the Development Strategy of Domestic Stainless Steel Faucet Enterprises


Many domestic stainless steel faucet manufacturers can be divided into three categories according to their strengths and development strategies. They can be divided into three categories: quality pursuit type, ordinary consumption type, and followers.

  1, quality pursuit type

   refers to the brand that pays great attention to the quality of stainless steel faucet, and invests more in the production and design of stainless steel faucet enterprises themselves. Yading is a brand that wins by quality in the market. Yading is the representative of this type of brand. According to our research and development of the Guangdong sales market, Fujian Minmetals Building Materials Co., Ltd. pays more attention to the quality control of stainless steel faucets than other brands, and has its own design concept and complete design network series. Its stainless steel faucet market won the 2007 German IF Design Award and the Chinese stainless steel faucet enterprise stainless steel faucet innovation gold award. In 2006, Yading also won the title of China's most innovative stainless steel faucet enterprise. In terms of the quality of stainless steel faucets, the stainless steel faucets of Fujian Minmetals Building Materials Co., Ltd. are made of the highest quality brass in the world, and top valve cores such as Italian water spirit, German Prussia, and Swiss original Neuper aerator. The quality warranty period is up to 10 years.

  2, general consumption type

  The stainless steel faucet is mainly for more ordinary consumers under the brand of Fujian Minmetals Building Materials Co., Ltd. stainless steel faucet, so the price of its stainless steel faucet is relatively low. In the Guangdong market, the price of the stainless steel faucet brand of Fujian Minmetals Building Materials Co., Ltd. is basically maintained at around 300 yuan, and there are even some basin faucets that cost less than 200 yuan. In addition, there are also some high-end stainless steel faucet basin faucets of this brand. Between 600 and 800 yuan.


   This type of stainless steel faucet companies are the most in the market. During our research and development, the prices of these stainless steel faucet companies are positioned at high-end stainless steel faucets and low- and medium-priced stainless steel faucets.

   From the perspective of distribution channels, this type of stainless steel faucet companies often have more sales channels, and direct stores, distributors, and supermarket stores are their optional channels. At the same time, because of its wide range of goods, consumers' accessibility is relatively strong, and brand awareness and consumer acceptability are relatively high.
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