Sanitary ware companies change business models to resolve contradictions and strive for a win-win situation

The rise of the Internet has raised rents for stores, and conflicts with merchants are on the verge of breaking out. In the downturn of the industry, home furnishing stores and sanitary ware companies are actually grasshoppers on the same rope, and they both lose everything. Only by understanding each other, resolving contradictions, and working together can we achieve a win-win situation. Retail rent disputes continue to hinder development. Not long ago, the Red Star Macalline store in Tianhebei, Guangzhou was demolished due to rent disputes, which also marked the complete withdrawal of Red Star Macalline from the first-tier market in Guangzhou. And just a while ago, the Red Star Macalline store in Qinhuangdao also experienced an incident of collective rent resistance caused by high rents and management loopholes. In this regard, some people in the industry pointed out that the current building materials stores are obviously affected by the regulation of real estate policies. Owning their own stores or operating independently is the core right way for the development of building materials companies. Change the business model to resolve conflicts. Sanitary ware companies and sales force to achieve a win-win situation. Change the business model to achieve a win-win situation. Whether it is real estate or e-commerce, it is only the fuse that detonated the bombs of small and medium-sized sanitary ware manufacturers and building materials stores. Both of them have already existed. Some of the problems are the real explosives. For small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies, when the sanitary ware market moves towards standardization, when consumers’ consumption habits change, and when production patterns change, some enterprises that cannot follow the pace of the times will inevitably be eliminated. This is also the inevitable process of my country’s economic transformation. . Some business owners believe that the increase in labor costs is an important reason for the difficulties of the enterprise, but in fact, this era is no longer an era when productivity and production efficiency are not equal. In the early stage of my country's economic development, the economic volume was small and the room for economic development was huge, so sufficient cheap labor was derived. Nowadays, our country has become a country with a huge economy. With the idea of u200bu200bwanting horses to run and wanting horses not to eat grass, the times will surely be abandoned. In the sanitary ware market where the old and new development models are intertwined, the cold winter encountered by the sales premises is also related to its own land grant, construction, investment, and rent collection models. Therefore, the long-term development of the entire industry can only be achieved by changing the business model of the store, giving full play to the advantages of the physical store, and overcoming difficulties with tenants. No matter how the market changes, sanitary ware companies must have a long-term vision and resolve contradictions in order to develop better.
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