Sanitary ware manufacturers teach you how to buy bathroom washbasins

Today’s bathroom products manufacturers teach you how to buy bathroom washbasins: 1. Type: The main types of bathroom washbasins are pedestal basins and basins. Pedestal basins are also called free-standing basins. The advantage is that they occupy a small area and are easy to take care of. Replacement, but in order to facilitate washing, it is necessary to configure a mirror box for the pedestal basin; the washbasin is generally connected to the bathroom fittingscabinet and the countertop, and there is no need to install the cbm mirror box separately. At the same time, it is not easy to retain stains. Occupies a larger space. 2. Material: At present, the popular material for bathroom fittingsbasins is still ceramics. The main reason is that most people use ceramic tiles and floor tiles as building materials for bathroom fittingsdecoration. In order to match the overall effect, they choose ceramic basins. Ceramic basins are easy to clean and have strong stain resistance. It has various shapes and looks clean and tidy, but ceramic basins are easy to cause damage after being touched, so be very careful. Everyone should pay attention to the ceramic glaze when choosing ceramic basins. You can carefully look at the surface of the product under strong light when choosing No pitting, smooth and fine glaze is better, and the washing water of the basin can also be observed. The lower the water absorption, the better the quality of the product. 3. Style: Nowadays, basins of different colors and shapes abound. Which style of basin to choose is very tangled. You can choose according to your own home decoration style and hobbies. The practicality of the basin is mainly considered, and then try to choose and decorate. A basin that is compatible with the environment. 4. Faucet: The faucet can be purchased with the already selected basin, which can make the basin as a whole look more coordinated and higher-grade. When choosing the faucet, you can purchase it according to your own consumption ability and cost budget, in order to avoid future faucet leakage , Pay attention to check whether the faucet spool is installed properly. The above is a brief introduction to the purchase skills of bathroom washbasins. I believe that after the above introduction, everyone will have a further understanding and understanding of the purchase of bathroom washbasins.
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