Sanitary ware manufacturers tell you how to buy basins

The manufacturer of sanitary products tells you the purchasing skills of the basin. Ceramic basin is the most popular basin material, and there are many ceramic basin products on the market. So how should you choose a ceramic basin? The main focus is on the quality of its glaze. When purchasing ceramic basins, focus on the glaze finish, brightness, and water absorption of the ceramic; you can use methods such as looking, touching, and knocking for quality identification. Glass basin purchase tips Glass has a very high hardness, so it has the characteristics of scratch resistance and scratch resistance. In addition, the glass has excellent colorability and inherent reflective ability, which can make the bathroom fittingslook more crystal clear. Therefore, it is also welcomed by many people. So how to choose a glass basin? To choose a glass basin, first look at the thickness of the basin. The thickness of the glass basin is 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. If economic conditions permit, choose a product with a wall thickness of 19mm, because it can withstand a relatively high temperature of 80°C, and has good impact resistance and breakage resistance. In addition, when choosing a glass basin, you should pay attention to whether the shape is regular, the thickness of the basin is consistent, the color is uniform, and the surface is full and smooth without bubbles. Precautions for purchase of washbasin 1. Pedestal basin is suitable for small apartments. First of all, we can choose according to the size of our bathroom. If the bathroom fittingsis small, it is recommended to choose a pedestal basin, which can save space for the bathroom; if the bathroom is larger, you can choose a counter. Basins and self-made countertops are matched, and richly shaped countertops or bathroom fittingscabinets can be customized in the bathroom. It should be noted that the manufacturers design bathroom cabinets or countertops using wall drainage, so if you want to buy this type of basin, you must modify the wall drainage in advance and reserve the pipes. 2. If you consider the size of the basin in terms of aesthetics and safety in use, the length of the countertop of the basin should be at least 75cm, and the width should be greater than 50cm. If you want to choose a hanging basin, you need to check whether the wall is a load-bearing wall, and the thickness of the wall must be more than 10cm to choose a hanging basin. 3. Water absorption rate of washbasin Washbasin is mostly made of ceramic products, so we can look at its water absorption rate when purchasing. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption rate of the washbasin, the better its quality. This is because the ceramic will expand and crack to a certain extent after the water is sucked into the ceramic. According to the national regulations, the water absorption rate of sanitary ceramics is less than 3%. It is high-grade ceramics, we can pay special attention to it when purchasing. 4. The glaze surface of the washbasin Generally speaking, the glaze surface of the good washbasin is bright and not easy to see dirty. It is more convenient and easy to clean. Even after long-term use, it is still very shiny. Therefore, we can observe the light from multiple angles when purchasing. A ceramic wash basin with a smooth surface and no stains, pinholes, or bubbles is a good basin. Other precautions for purchase Since ceramics and glass are the two main materials for people to buy basins, the purchase of the two products is described in detail above. As for products with other materials, when purchasing, notice that the regular sanitary ware market chooses professional brands to buy, and shop around. In addition, by checking the inspection certificate, you can generally choose more satisfactory products.
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