Several sizes commonly used on smart bathroom mirrors

In smart bathroom mirrors, different models of mirrors have different functions, features, etc., and different models of mirrors have different sizes. However, there are only a few conventional sizes. In addition to regular sizes, different sizes can also be customized. Let me introduce to you the commonly used sizes of smart bathroom fittingsmirrors. 1. Round bathroom mirrors There are three commonly used sizes of round bathroom fittingsmirrors: diameter 600mm, diameter 700mm, and diameter 800mm. 2. Rectangular bathroom fittingsmirrors There are four commonly used sizes of rectangular bathroom mirrors: 500X800mm, 550X800mm, 600X800mm, 600X900mm 3. Other shapes of bathroom mirrors In addition to the two common sizes above, there are some other shapes of bathroom mirrors, depending on the shape The corresponding regular size will also be different. For example, the square bathroom mirror in the rectangle is 750X750mm, but the size of the cbm mirror can be customized, so I won't list them one by one.
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