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Foshan is a large and important ceramic production base in my country, and Shiwan Ceramics is a beautiful 'business card' of Foshan. It is precisely because of Shiwan Ceramics that it enjoys the title of 'Southern Pottery Capital'; it is precisely because of Shiwan that the regional economic concept of 'Dafoshan Ceramics

In 2004, Shiwan Street, Chancheng District, Foshan City, was awarded 'China Famous Ceramic Town' by China Building Materials Industry Association, Ceramic Yingcai Net, and China Building Materials and Ceramics Association, which attracted strong attention from all walks of life. In December 2005, Foshan Chancheng Ceramic Industry was included in the 'First Batch of Cluster Upgrade Demonstration Zones in Guangdong Province'.

Shiwan has always been known as the 'Southern Pottery Capital'. It has a long history of pottery culture and is an important part of Lingnan culture. As early as the Neolithic Age of primitive society, there was a history of pottery making. It was very developed in the Tang and Song Dynasties. The Ming and Qing Dynasties reached their peak. Since the Ming Dynasty, Shiwan's artistic pottery, architectural garden ceramics, and handicraft pottery, etc. It keeps exporting abroad. After the reform and opening up, Shiwan ceramics have a wider range, more varieties and larger scale.

Minmetals is worthy of the name in Foshan's cost-effective polished tile brand.

Cost-effectiveness is the standard for people to consider when buying polished tiles, especially since the prices of various types of polished tiles are generally higher at present, the cost of home improvement for the people is higher, and the cost-effectiveness has become the main criterion. Formulating marketing strategies based on people's consumer psychology, continuously improving the cost-effectiveness of products, and pursuing product process innovation and reasonable cost control have become the main means for Minmetals Ceramics to win the market.

The following features are notable in China Minmetals:

The characteristics of polished tiles: no radioactive elements, basically controllable, no color difference, high bending strength, thin brick body and light weight.

Features of antique bricks: complete varieties, patterns, specifications, great practicability, design according to patterns, and the most important thing is to prevent slippage.

Features of polished glazed tiles: Concentrating the advantages of polished tiles, antique tiles, and porcelain tiles, the product completely releases the matte and broad implicitness of glazed tiles, and solves the defect that the polished tiles are easy to contaminate. It improves the gloss and hardness of the polished tiles, and also has the high imitation of the glazed surface of the antique tiles and the rich color printing effect of the glazed surface of the porcelain tiles.

Marble features: Physically stable surface without burrs, high mechanical precision, rust-proof and anti-magnetic insulation. The material particles are fine and uniform, and the thickness of the crystal grain size is ever-changing. The resources are widely distributed, and the land is softer than granite. Suitable for interior decoration.

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