Silver mirror and aluminum mirror

The mirrors currently on the market can be divided into two types: aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors according to the classification of materials. Silver mirrors are silver-plated mirrors, while aluminum mirrors are aluminum-plated mirrors. There is an allusion about the mirror that Archimedes used a bronze cbm mirror to aim at the sun, reflecting the sunlight and burning the enemy ship. As early as 1503, glass mirrors were made. Then, in 1843, silver-plated glass mirrors also appeared, and then aluminized glass mirrors appeared in the 1970s. To this day, aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors are still the main sources of civilian mirrors. In China, the general car rearview mirror reflective film is made of silver or aluminum, while the silver mirrors used on the bathroom fittingsmirrors are mostly silver mirrors. The silver mirrors used on the bathroom fittingsmirrors are generally 5mm environmentally friendly silver mirrors. Compared with aluminum mirrors, silver mirrors are more durable and the light is softer. Silver mirrors have better reflectivity and clarity than aluminum mirrors. In addition to the price, silver mirrors have an advantage in comparison with aluminum mirrors. And the surface of the aluminum mirror will turn gray if it is used for a long time, while the silver mirror will not.
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