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The mirrors currently on the market can be divided into two types: aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors according to the classification of materials. Silver mirrors are silver-plated mirrors, while aluminum mirrors are aluminum-plated mirrors. Today I will introduce the silver mirror to everyone. Silver mirrors are commonly known as waterproof mirrors and mercury mirrors. According to the processing flow, it can be divided into two categories, ordinary silver mirrors and silver mirrors produced by professional silver mirror lines. Silver mirrors are widely used in decoration, bathroom fittingsmirrors, and makeup mirrors. Ordinary silver mirror: There are only two layers of coating, the first layer is coated with mercury, and the second layer is painted with protective paint. This kind of silver mirror is not easy to identify in the eyes of ordinary consumers, but people with a little professional knowledge can distinguish it. The main performance is Rough workmanship, small spots, many bubbles, low reflectivity and short life. Ordinary manufacturers mostly choose this kind of raw materials. Professional silver mirror line Silver mirror: There are five layers of coating in the assembly line processing: mercury, copper, release agent, high temperature paint, and protective primer. The surface of the silver mirror is flat and clear, and the back is smooth. The quality is excellent. Using this kind of product to process into a mirror has the following advantages: 1. It is not easy to penetrate the bottom and transmit light. Because there are four layers of paint on the back as protection, it is difficult to damage the silver-plated mercury layer with a slight back scratch. 2. The service life is long, and there will be basically no black borders and black backgrounds within 2 years. 3. The mirror surface is flat, clear and lifelike. 4. High-grade float glass can be made into tinted mirrors/color mirrors of various colors to increase different decoration effects, such as: silver cbm mirror, gold mirror, gray mirror, green mirror, purple cbm mirror, blue mirror, tea mirror, black etc. Compared with aluminum mirrors, silver mirrors have softer light, and silver mirrors have better reflectivity and clarity than aluminum mirrors. It can be said that in addition to price, silver mirrors have an advantage in comparison with aluminum mirrors.
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