Six advantages of porcelain tiles


Low water absorption rate Low water absorption rate, only below 0.08%, which is only 1/30-1/5 of European standards and natural stone. It is used all year round without discoloration, leaving no traces and is always new.

The high abrasion resistance system is fired at high temperature, the Mohs hardness is up to 8, the abrasion resistance is <150MM3, and the abrasion resistance is better than that of ceramic tiles.

Uniform size Using computerized production and inspection equipment, strict quality control, uniform size and easy construction.

Acid resistance In the process of industrialization, acid rain has become increasingly serious and has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution. Porcelain tiles are fired at high temperatures, are acid and alkali resistant, do not leave stains, and are easy to clean.

No radiation Selected ceramic tile materials, no radiation, breaking the human use of natural stone to be exposed to radiation and absorbing radon, which affects the destiny of physical and mental health, and creates a natural space with zero harm. It is an epoch-making building material.

Zero pollution The use of pure natural stone, green and environmental protection, stricter control of the entire production process, to achieve zero pollution to the environment.

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