Smart bathroom will become a major trend in the future market


Although the market situation of ceramics in the first quarter is not satisfactory, the sanitary ware market will still accumulate energy to become a major growth driver in the future. With the continuous development and change of sanitary products, competition is also intensifying. The development of modern sanitary wares in my country has been more than 20 years. Sanitary products have gone from satisfying functionality at the beginning to satisfying the taste and cultural needs of the owner; the purchase of sanitary wares has grown from a few luxury goods to the popularity of the county and township market. With the gradual maturity of the sanitary ware market, sanitary products have also been segmented from the initial large groups in grades, and now the market is segmented by gender factors; from products only satisfying common needs, to now meeting individualized beauty and innovation demand.

The segmentation of the sanitary ware market has begun to refine, and competition has also shifted from product competition and price competition to positioning competition and market segmentation competition. With the continuous progress and improvement of science and technology, while material and cultural life and spiritual and cultural life continue to improve, in order to satisfy people's vision and comfort, sanitary ware has begun to spread to intelligent sanitary products.

Women's functional requirements for sanitary products will also affect the future development of smart sanitary ware.

The bathroom is an indispensable part of the home space, but the strongest demand for it is the women who pay attention to the enjoyment of bathing. Women's purchase requirements for sanitary products are also much higher than men's. How to develop and design sanitary products that meet the aesthetic needs of women from the perspective of women has become a new market opportunity for merchants. The bathroom space advocated by some women has frequently been favored by female consumers. Popularity has become a bright spot in the bathroom. New products are constantly emerging from generation to generation. From the most common sensor faucets and smart toilets in the early sanitary wares to the prosperous automatic flushing massage bathtubs and bathroom cabinets, they have quietly become a major fashion in family bathroom decoration.

This is a trend. In addition to entering sub-markets in market segments based on gender factors, as the sanitary product market becomes more mature, professional factors and personality factors will be used in the future. , Demographic factors, and even ethnic factors to enter the increasingly detailed market segmentation may not be impossible, so as to capture the different consumer groups of sanitary ware.

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