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Smart Toilet Smart Our Life

Smart Toilet Smart Our Life


With the development of the times, more and more technological household products are also changing. The emergence of fully automatic toilets has provided us with convenience. Fully automatic toilets, also called smart toilets,What is the advantages of the smart toilet?

1.Automatic cleaning is more hygienic

 there are many bacteria in the toilet we can't see. Long-term exposure to these bacteria can easily cause viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites to cause infectious diseases. The smart toilet is a good tool for sterilization, which has great benefits in preventing bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, constipation and other problems.

2.Heating seat

The difficulty of going to the toilet in winter can be the moment when you touch the cold seat, it is really cold from PP to the heart. The seat heating mode of the smart toilet cover perfectly solves this problem. Its default temperature is similar to that of the human body, and the temperature is suitable. If there are other temperature needs, it can also be adjusted.


3.Sterilization and deodorization

When the smell is heavy, you can't concentrate on reading a book or watch on your mobile phone. The smart toilet can absorb the peculiar smell through the automatic deodorizing device when the peculiar smell comes out. Most automatic deodorizing devices use a combination of ventilation and deodorant to prevent the peculiar smell from spreading.

4.Flushing function

The flushing function of the smart toilet seat not only makes it more comfortable and effective to remove the dirt after the toilet, but also increases the massage function through the movable nozzle to meet the different flushing needs of men and women. Especially the design of double nozzles, provide buttocks cleansing and feminine cleansing, clean in place. And the pulse flushing mode, you can enjoy the SPA massage effect. It can be said to be a "beauty place" in the bathroom.

5.Safe and affordable

The smart toilet cover not only saves electricity and water, but the price is also relatively affordable. Safety performance is also guaranteed, such as: seat overheating protection, drying overheating protection, water temperature overheating protection, water cut protection, etc., which are all necessary measures to protect everyone's practical safety. Care about users.

6.Warm air drying

After cleaning, the warm air drying function can help users dry the remaining water droplets. The warm and powerful hot air brings a comfortable experience to users. But people who are in a hurry or impatient may not be able to wait, because it will take you a minute or two.

Since the outbreak, the smart toilet market has seen a 300% increase in sales.With the large increase of demand, the future development space is huge.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, sales of the smart toilet market have soared by 300%. With the substantial increase in demand, there is huge room for future development.

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