Some suggestions for purchasing smart toilets and their maintenance methods


1. What are the performances of a good smart toilet?

1. Buttocks washing: the special nozzle for buttocks washing sprays warm water to fully wash the buttocks;

2. Female washing: designed for women’s daily hygiene And the design, the female-specific nozzle sprays warm water to clean carefully to prevent bacterial infection;

3. Washing position adjustment: The user does not need to move the body, and the washing position can be adjusted forwards and backwards according to the body shape;

4. Mobile cleaning: When cleaning, the nozzle moves back and forth to expand the cleaning range and enhance the cleaning effect;

5. Massage: The cleaning water pressure has rhythmic changes, which can be used for massage Function to promote blood circulation;

6. Warm toilet seat: computer control keeps the toilet seat at a certain temperature, even in the cold winter, it will feel warm and comfortable;

7. Temperature adjustment: Yes Adjust the water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature according to the user's personal preference; 8. Warm air drying: Blow out comfortable warm air to make the washed buttocks dry and refreshing; 9. Automatic deodorization: adopts The cold catalyst treats peculiar smells, removes peculiar smells, and purifies the air;

10. Toilet seat cushioning: Use the physical Yin Ni method to make the toilet lid and seat ring fall slowly to avoid impact;

11. Auto-sensing: before the human body is seated, lock the washing and drying functions to avoid false triggers;

12. Auto-washing: After the user leaves, the toilet seat will be automatically washed;


13. Sprinkler self-cleaning: when the sprinkler is extended or retracted, it automatically sprays a small stream of water to clean the sprinkler;

14. Power saving function: according to the time of use, computer control Warm water and toilet seat heating to achieve the purpose of saving electricity;

15. Wireless remote control: use the remote control to easily operate various functions;

16. Safety protection: adopt the power supply and heating components of the machine A variety of safety protection measures completely eliminate potential safety hazards.

The above is the performance of the smart toilet. Having such a highly functional toilet will reduce troubles in life, especially in terms of cleaning and daily maintenance.

Second, what is the maintenance method of the smart toilet?

Cleaning steps:

1. Close the water inlet valve;

2. Unscrew the water filter with a special tool;

3 . Use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dirt.

4. Spout: Press the nozzle cleaning button, there will be water overflow around the nozzle, for nozzle cleaning; pull out the nozzle by hand and hold it firmly to clean the nozzle and tube head; when cleaning it can be soft The cloth is soaked in water for cleaning; finally press the stop button to stop spraying water.

5. Clean the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port. If there is still an odor, please replace the deodorant; when there is dust or other attachments on the deodorizing box and the deodorizing suction port , The amount of air inhaled will be reduced, you can use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dust.

6. To prevent damage to the smart toilet due to icing in winter, please drain the remaining water when not in use. When not in use for a long time, the remaining water should also be drained.

Steps to drain the remaining water:

a. Close the water inlet valve;

b. Unscrew and remove the drain bolt;

c. Retighten the drain bolt after the remaining water is exhausted.

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