Special attention should be paid to floor tile mosaic


With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people choose floor tiles and mosaics when decorating at home, and the traditional decoration style has gradually ceased to attract everyone's attention.

Various types of floor tile mosaics

Floor tile mosaics can be divided according to structural characteristics. There are 3 types of solid wood parquet flooring, composite type parquet flooring, and multi-layer solid wood parquet flooring. It can still be divided according to the appearance of the parquet, which can be divided into two types: general parquet floor and round window decoration parquet floor. Parquet floor is not only beautiful in design, but also makes people feel that there is a trend of fashion and atmosphere. Choosing parquet floor for floor decoration will make home decoration look more tasteful. At the same time, it is also called the arts and crafts in the floor, making it boring Fast-paced life.

Special attention should be paid to the mosaic of floor tiles

1. Pay special attention to the seam and paving when the floor tiles are mosaic. Normally, all the tiles need to be left. Sewing, the size of the seam is determined by the visual goodness. When doing basic work, clean up all kinds of dirt on the wall, and water and moisten it one day in advance. If the base layer is a new wall, then when the cement mortar is 70% dry, it is necessary to start to arrange bricks, spring lines, and paste tiles. Before pasting, pay special attention to the need to paste the standard points to facilitate the control of the flatness of the surface. When implementing the actual operation, use a ruler to detect its flatness in time. If it is not flat or straight, you need to remove the re-adhesive.

2. Before placing the tiles, the tiles need to be soaked in clean water for more than two hours, soak them until the tiles do not emit small bubbles, and then take them out to dry for later use. The order of pasting needs to be pasted from bottom to top. The mortar needs to be full. If the ash is lost, it needs to be removed and re-attached. It must not be filled with ash from the cracks or the brick openings. In the whole process of paving and bonding, if you encounter supporting parts such as pipelines, bathroom equipment, etc., you need to cut and fit the entire brick sleeve, and you cannot use incomplete bricks to piece together and paste. The main thing for tiling tiles is to be careful, and you also need to pay attention to the uniformity, the paving position can not be wrong, find the bottom plate to fix and then pave the whole board.

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