Standardized technology for tiling tiles


1. Removal is very important.

The so-called, it is actually the wall and the ground. Some construction workers do not remove the grease, dirt and dust in the process of gradually laying tiles. , The position of the napped hair is not napped, can this floor tile be tightly combined with the wall and the ground? In addition, there is a phenomenon that the hollowing of the tiles on the wall itself is more serious, but I did not find out beforehand. After the installation and pasting, the hollowing of the tiles was discovered. The construction staff said that your wall itself is not very good. This is a hollowing of the tiles. He doesn't remember the pot.

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2, floor tiles drink water indispensable

The adhesive force of mixed mortar exists in Concrete and water produce relatively stable compounds, so water is particularly important. When the cement mortar is low in water, it is easy to produce hollow tiles. Most floor tiles have a strong water absorption rate. To prevent the occurrence of floor tiles from absorbing the moisture content in the mixed mortar, the floor tiles must be filled with water first. The floor tiles are placed horizontally, completely not in the water. During the construction process, it is possible to find that some construction workers directly water the floor tiles with a water pipe, or the floor tiles are not completely inserted. This is also a lazy approach. Of course, not all tiles need to be soaked in water. Floor tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 1% do not need to be soaked in water. For example, common glazed tiles that use the thin paste process do not need to soak in water.

3. Placing bricks on walls

According to the steps and technological process of the construction work, the bricks of the wall should be attached first, after making it, top the wall first, and then the wall first. Now, if the floor tiles are laid first, and the floor tiles are finished, it will take a while to slowly pave the floor tiles. Time is money. And under the condition of first tiling the tiles, you will inevitably have dirt falling into the soil during the whole process of tiling the wall tiles, scratching the floor tiles, and not doing good environmental sanitation is a trivial matter, and it is inconvenient to block the deodorant floor drain. Nowadays, the standard construction technique of applying vitrified bricks on the wall and vitrified bricks or polished glazed bricks is thin paste.

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4. Floor tiles

Dry paving and wet paving are only the actual processing technology If the skill of the construction team master enters the house, the floor tiles and the floor tiles should be firmly attached together, so the quality should be the same. It's just that based on different phenomena, the process technology that should be selected is also different. Generally speaking, wall tiles can only be laid wet. Floor tiles can be laid by dry-laid and wet-laid methods. However, larger floor tiles are supposed to be dry-laid because of higher flatness requirements.

5. Whether the wall is pressed against the ground or the ground pressed against the wall

The better choice is the wall pressing process. The wall tiles are attached first, from the bottom to the top, but the bottom row Don't stick it first, wait for the floor tiles to be pasted, and then stick a row under the wall tiles. Due to the heavy humidity of the cabinet, the water vapor is very easy to solidify on the floor tiles and drip down along the floor tiles. When the wall is pressed against the ground, the water will flow to the floor tiles on the road, and then flow along the floor tiles to the deodorant floor drain. It is not easy to leak to the waterproof layer under the floor tiles, and the service life of the waterproof layer is increased to a larger level.

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