Take a look at how deep your misunderstanding of tiles is


Tile is a decoration material that needs to be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration. Many people like it but are afraid of it. I like the decoration effect that it shapes to be really good-looking, and I am afraid that it is really troublesome to choose a good product, and some people still have many misunderstandings about choosing ceramic tiles. For example: polished tiles are non-slip, the thicker the tiles, the better, the larger the size of the floor tiles, the better, and so on.

First, the polished tiles are not slip resistant

Maybe the surface layer of the polished tiles is very flat and gloss, many people will think that its anti-slip performance is very poor, which is good for the polished tiles. Know a wrong approach. In fact, the anti-slip performance of polished tiles is very good. The more water there is, the more astringent the feet will be. This is because the upper and the tile surface are very flat, and the moisture on the tiles can make the two close contact. When it comes to an effective anti-slip effect, for example, after adding water between the two pieces of glass, it is very difficult to separate them, so polished tiles can also be applied to kitchen and bathroom spaces.

MG8058PA-full polished glaze-800*800

Second, the thicker the ceramic tiles, the better

As for the thickness of ceramic tiles, the country has not yet unified The standard of ceramic tile is generally determined by the manufacturer, so thickness and thinness cannot be regarded as the standard for identifying the quality of ceramic tiles. Although there is no standard for the thickness of ceramic tiles in international standards, there are standards in terms of water absorption, damaged strength, and modulus of rupture. The quality of ceramic tiles depends on the internal quality and density of the ceramic tiles. The higher the quality, the better the quality of the tiles. For this reason, the quality of the tiles can be identified from the weight of the tiles. The heavier the tiles of the same specification, the better. From the perspective of low carbon and environmental protection, thin tiles will be the future tiles. The development direction of the industry.

Three. The larger the size of the floor tiles, the better.

Nowadays, there are many sizes of tiles on the market, ranging from 150*150mm to 800*2600mm. Large bricks look great when they are laid, but the bigger the better, the selection of ceramic tiles should consider various factors, such as: the size of the real space, the building modulus of the space, the difficulty of construction, the price and the decoration effect. Generally speaking, the area of u200bu200bthe living room at home is larger, and it is better to choose floor tiles 800/1000/600 (mm), and the wet areas such as kitchen master, balcony, bathroom, etc. are small in size, and the problem of ground water drainage must be considered. It is not easy to construct, so usually choose floor tiles with tiles below 600mm. The size of the tile is the larger the tile, the thicker it is, and the higher the price.

MG8019PA-full polished glaze-800*800

Four. Seamless tiles means that they are pasted without seams

'Seamless tiles' are usually Refers to glazed tiles, antique tiles and fully polished glazed tiles that have been finely edged (the four edges on the surface of the tiles are not chamfered and are at right angles). Considering the small gaps between the tiles, they are called seamless tiles. Many customers like seamless paving. It is true that the smaller the gap, the better the overall decoration effect. However, in the actual paving process, it is difficult to do it. The main reasons are: 1. Consider the presence of tiles. There are no deviations in length, straight angle, edge straightness, etc., and there is no error in the ceramic tile; 2. There will be certain errors in the construction process; 3. Any product will expand and contract with heat, and ceramic tiles are no exception. . If the gap is too small, it will reduce the strain capacity of the tiles to the environment. Considering the change of the ambient temperature, the tiles will squeeze each other, resulting in the size of the gap should generally be about 1-1.5mm. Special effects can also widen the gap appropriately.

V. Matte glazed tiles are difficult to clean

In fact, the surface glaze layers of matte glaze and bright glazed tiles are fired at high temperature and become the hard substance of the glass body. , It can make the surface of the ceramic tile compact, the water absorption rate is zero, and it has the characteristics of airtight, non-absorbent, non-bleeding, and easy to clean.


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