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Take a look at these, are you guilty of difficult choices?

by:CBM     2021-06-12

It is difficult to choose which style to choose when decorating. Each has its own advantages. Which one is your dish? !

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The Japanese style is fresh and natural, simple and elegant, and always gives people a clean and elegant feeling. It is a good choice for urbanites who pursue tranquility. At present, more and more Japanese-style decorations are used in small apartment decorations, and they are becoming more and more popular among young people born in the 1980s.

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so which one is your dish?

In the decoration of the restaurant, even if you can't afford a seaside villa, you have to create a bright yellow or blue in the small snail house. The bright and lively atmosphere seems to be close to the other side of your dreams. In order to increase the sense of space, a suspended ceiling was specially made.

The United States is a country that advocates freedom, which has also created its free, casual and unruly lifestyle, without too many artificial modifications and constraints, and inadvertently has also achieved another kind of casual romance, and the American culture It is another transplanted culture as the context. It has the nobleness of Europa, but it also combines the unruly water and soil of the American continent. The result of this combination is to get rid of many fetters, but it can also find the new nostalgia and extravagance of the cultural foundation. Add the atmosphere without losing the comfortable and casual style.

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Renovation of the restaurant: the original apartment-type restaurant was small, the designer transformed the entrance garden into a Chinese kitchen, and the original kitchen became a western kitchen with a bar. The space is much larger.

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