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Fully polished glazed tiles are different from ordinary polished tiles. The ceramic glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high temperature calcining, the molecular structure is completely sealed, and there are basically no gaps. It can last for a long time. Durability always maintains high brightness, not dim, rigid and wear-resistant, and the tiles become brighter and brighter. When the house is decorated, the house becomes more and more bright and magnificent.

1. Applicable area for fully polished glazed tiles. Living room, bedroom, study room; or hall floor, wall, column, elevator room, aisle in the hotel; then to the wall of commercial office building, dry marble, reception desk image wall design, elevator hall wall and floor, etc. are all glazed tiles. Can do it with ease.

2. The technology of fully polished glazed ceramic tiles. Full polished glaze is an underglaze color, and its green body technology is similar to ordinary enamel floor tiles. The key difference is that it prints the pattern after applying the base glaze, and then applies an extra layer of transparent glaze. After calcining Throw away a part of all the top glaze, leaving a part of the top glaze, printed pattern layer, and base glaze.

3. Advantages of fully polished glazed tiles. The advantages of fully polished glazed tiles: the pattern design is becoming more and more diverse, the color is bright, the variety of patterns is diverse, and the texture and pattern are natural. The service life is long. The transparent glaze surface of fully polished glaze fired tiles is relatively thick and not so easy to wear out, so the service life is 3 times that of ordinary micro-powder tiles.

4. Disadvantages of fully polished glazed tiles. Mainly because the technical equipment of fully polished glazed tiles produced in mainland China does not meet the standards, the fully polished glazed tiles created are not very ideal. Nowadays, after several years of development, the concept of fully polished glazed tiles Although it is much better than before, it still has its own disadvantages. For example, the ability of pollution control is relatively weak, and the material on the surface of fully polished glazed tiles is too thin, which is very easy to scratch and change the shape. Classes are mainly caused by the immature production process of fully polished glazed tiles.

The technology of fully polished glaze tiles: the fully polished glaze is made by firing the base embryo and the glazed surface in two times. The base embryo undergoes high-temperature calcining at 1250 degrees; main purpose: it is more suitable for business At the same time, ordinary family living indoor space is also acceptable, and the maintenance cost is low. Abrasion and stain resistance: The glazed surface of fully polished glazed tiles is more resistant to wear and stains than microcrystalline stone.

The whole polished glazed bricks create a rich and elegant decoration style, colorful and real pattern design, delicate and bright luster The feeling gives the polished glaze a gorgeous and elegant style.

1. Identify carefully. The outstanding feature of the fully polished glaze is smooth and bright, with a single brightness value of up to 104 degrees, the ceramic tiles are delicate and smooth, the color matching is thick or colorful, and the pattern design is delicate and colorful. When appraisal, it is necessary to look at the comprehensive gloss carefully, and to feel the sense of gloss with light touch.

2. Product quality is important. Fully polished glazed tiles also need to measure water absorption, listen to the sound of tapping, scratch the surface of the tile, and watch the color shift carefully. Most of the specific methods are the same. I think that although the price is relatively cheap, it’s impossible to 'press the button'. When shopping around, we should pay more attention to the product quality of all polished glaze products.

3. Choose the style of fully polished glazed tiles to combine the smoothness and brightness of polished tiles with the pattern design of antique tiles. A variety of art style series products, such as Western European art style, Chinese ancient and elegant art style, original characteristic art style, classic fashion trend art style and so on. Color matching and pattern design are essential elements in the decorative design of fully polished glazed tiles.

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