Ten basic principles for choosing ceramic tiles


The purchase of ceramic tiles can’t rely solely on “love at first sight”, because the intrinsic product quality of ceramic tiles is usually ignored in judging from the degree of appearance. If the quality of your product is not good enough, it will lead to future engineering renovations. It is very uneconomical. Everyone who purchases ceramic tiles may still be in a half-knowledge mode.

1. You don’t need to buy matte tiles for restaurant kitchen tiles, otherwise they are greasy and difficult to wipe. Bathroom floor tiles can’t be chosen too plain. One is very easy to get dirty, and the other is too boring for a long time!

2. Good-quality tiles have the same size, thickness and uniform distribution, and the surface of the floor tiles is smooth and smooth. , No bubbles, no stains, no pitted surface, bright colors, evenly distributed and shiny, no corners, 90-degree right angles, no deformation, simple and refreshing pattern materials, good pressure resistance, and not easy to damage.

3. The color of the floor tiles is very difficult to find satisfactory, and I have not found it yet, but these two unsatisfactory colors are interlaced with each other and the tile mosaic is turned at a 45 degree angle. It was able to achieve my very satisfactory actual results. This is a good suggestion clearly put forward by the decoration workers themselves.

4. Sometimes, in order to save money, buy the preferential promotion ceramic tiles (white, matte), and put them on the kitchen of the restaurant for a while. Gluing agent is much more laborious than polishing glazed tiles!

5. Residential owners need to judge the product quality of the tiles when purchasing tiles. The first step is to see if its gloss is evenly distributed, without variegated color and small holes and black spots; then, it depends on whether its specifications and dimensions are specified by the standard. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the tile and measure it. The specifications and dimensions should be consistent with those produced by the factory, and then measure the diagonal of the tiles. If the diagonal specifications and dimensions are the same, the tiles are positive; then it depends on the flatness of the tiles. A simple and effective way is to Two tiles of the same brand overlap on both sides. If there is a very obvious gap or shake between the two tiles after the overlap, the tiles are not balanced; one depends on whether the tiles have any color difference. The simple way is to take out a few A sample of the same type of ceramic tiles is relatively compared in the bright place. If there is no difference in color, you can order it.

6. Neutral bricks should be used in the dining room and kitchen. The products of the Zong color series and the cyan series products are resistant to dirt.

7. When buying ceramic tiles, you should consider the natural wear and tear. I would rather buy more and then return it. There is no need to rush to replenish the goods. Basically, the replenishment needs to be picked up by yourself, which will be particularly troublesome and torture People's patience (and when you buy more, you can counter the price). The restaurant kitchen is pasted with waste newspapers or plastic film after the tiles are pasted. If your family members are cooking in the restaurant kitchen, a vital part of your cleaning task is to wash the restaurant kitchen first. It's greasy.

8. The color of the floor tiles is too light, and the hair and footprints are very obvious. I can’t wait to bare feet + shave my head.

9. Wall tiles, floor tiles: This can save a lot of money! If your home has 2 balconies (living balcony, viewing In the case of balcony), there is no need to buy too good floor tiles when buying floor tiles, as long as they are beautiful and practical. However, the side with sunlight should be considered to buy anti-ultraviolet rays, otherwise the fading will affect the appearance! The side of the restaurant kitchen near the kitchen cabinets must be bought a little better. My personal suggestion is that there is no need to buy matte tiles for the restaurant kitchen, which is not easy to clean up! The kitchen floor tiles just need to be moderate. On the other side of the wall, you can also buy cheaper ones, which will make the restaurant and kitchen more layered! Why not give it a try. The wall and floor tiles of the bathroom shower room should be better. This is because the bathroom shower room has a higher usage rate and is humid. The bathroom floor tiles are not pure white!

10. When selecting, you can also tap, and the sound is clear and pleasant to prove that the relative density and hardness of the floor tiles are high, and the quality is good; you can also measure the quality of the floor tiles. Water absorption. The lower the water absorption, the higher the inherent stability of the floor tiles, which is more suitable for spaces with high humidity or water content (such as toilets, shower rooms, restaurants and kitchens), and it is not easy to cause black spots and other problems. A very simple inspection method is to pour some water on the opposite side of the floor tiles. The water traces spread quickly, which proves that the water absorption rate is high, and vice versa. Inspect the surface quality of the floor tiles, you can also use a hard object to scratch the glaze of the floor tiles. If there are imprints, it proves that the quality of the product is poor; you also need to look at the color of the floor tiles. There are pinholes, and pinholes are very easy to accumulate dirt. Then observe the flatness of the floor tiles, the sides are vertical, it is very easy to lay, and the actual effect is naturally good.

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