The bathroom industry is about to mature in the next 2-5 years

The emergence of oligopoly market forms is mainly due to two points: one is the monopoly due to market competition, that is, the market monopoly that enterprises obtain through their own competitive advantages, such as Microsoft's monopoly in the field of operating system software; the other is due to government statutory Administrative monopoly means that the government grants monopoly power to a certain enterprise in the industry through laws and regulations, and at the same time exercises certain control on it to improve efficiency. This kind of market form mainly appears in some industries with natural monopoly attributes, such as water supply and pipeline gas. As we all know, the most profitable industry is monopoly. Become an industry oligarch, monopolize market products, have the pricing power of industry products, and then come endless wealth. China's current sanitary ware market is a market where sanitary oligopoly can develop. The sanitary ware industry is about to mature in the next 2-5 years. There are many brands in the sanitary ware market. There are tens of thousands of sanitary ware brands and dozens of well-known brands in market segments. There are so many brands and complex products that dealers have no choice. At the same time, consumers are at a loss when buying, lacking brand awareness and no choice. It is not a normal phenomenon for dealers to represent brands with dazzling, consumers choose products and aimlessly. This situation hinders the healthy development of the sanitary ware industry. A mature industry needs 3 to 5 big oligarch brands, and the sanitary ware industry is about to mature in the next 2 to 5 years. 1. There are many sanitary ware brands, the size of the enterprise is different, the quality of the products is under the mud and sand, and the market products are mixed. It is not only a problem of dealers choosing brands, consumers cannot choose quality and reliable sanitary ware, and the follow-up maintenance and service of sanitary ware installed are also due to the size and logistics capabilities of the enterprise, which cannot be guaranteed. In view of this, both dealers and consumers are It is calling for the emergence of big brands in the sanitary ware industry to protect the interests of consumers and distributors. Second, the price control of the property market plunges the property market into a cold winter, which in turn affects the sanitary ware market. The economic downturn in foreign countries has shifted exports to domestic sales, which has intensified competition among domestic sanitary ware companies. The influx of foreign capital, the sanitary ware market with great development potential, will further promote the competition of sanitary ware companies. For all these reasons, experts and business owners predict that in the next 3 to 5 years, the brand of sanitary ware companies will disappear 1/3, and 3~ 5 big oligarch brands. As an industry matures, the emergence of oligarchs is inevitable. And today in the sanitary ware industry is also the moment when sanitary oligarchs appear. Therefore, the top 3, top 10, and even top 30 bathroom fittingsbrands now have the opportunity to become an industry oligarch in the next 3 to 5 years. Open the water channel when it rains. If you plan ahead and plan ahead, you will surely hit it at the right time. Industry oligarchs all grow up. This process is not only the accumulation of products, services, technologies, and channels, but also a process of learning and cooperation. Absolute profits come from monopoly; absolute temptation to learn to be an industry oligarch. The above is all the content shared by CBM.
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