The big secret of diamond tiles!


Diamond ceramic tile is a second-fired super-crystal processing product. This is an upgraded version of super-flat glaze, with zero water ripple, which eliminates the flatness problem of traditional full-polished glaze. Compared with the traditional full-polished glaze that uses soft polishing, the super spar uses hard polishing to make the glaze layer more tidy. In contrast to the one-time glazing of super flat glaze, the second-fired super-crystal processing technology and the second-time glazing processing technology are used for diamond tiles to promote thicker glaze layer, more uniform color distribution, smoother surface layer gloss and more natural transition , The color is naturally more beautiful and generous.

What kind of product is diamond tile? Diamond tile is named for its high quality and high quality. It is an imitation stone floor tile with natural marble effect and microcrystalline stone tile texture. It not only has advantages in price, environmental protection, durability and cleaning, but also in texture, specifications and models. In terms of index values u200bu200bsuch as, color and weight, diamond tiles are far better than stone plates and polished tiles. Compared with other types of products, its characteristics can also be 'high brightness, high wear resistance, high neatness, high fidelity, high definition, and high environmental protection.'

The key processing technology of diamond ceramic tiles. The second-fired super crystal core technology of the technical manufacturing industry has a thicker glaze on the surface layer and a brighter and fuller color. Good flatness effect and higher hardness. The multi-layer glaze processing technology is selected, the surface layer of the glaze is thicker than ordinary products, and the color is fuller. Constant temperature and constant firing at 1180 degrees, higher crystallization degree. Choose crystallized glaze with good crystal layer degree and light transmittance effect. Obtain higher brightness and higher surface layer hardness. The 360 u200bu200bsealing glaze processing technology is used to fully avoid the problem of product absorption. After ten years of use, it is still new. Select 6-jet machine equipment, and process 6 colors at the same time, and scan line by line to obtain high-definition patterns. Mirror glass fine polishing processing technology is used to achieve shocking flatness of the surface layer and obtain a smooth effect like mirror glass.

The selling point of diamond products:

0 water ripple, select the manufacturing industry technology for the second firing super crystal process, the crystallized glaze repeats the glazing process, 1180 degrees continuous high temperature and constant temperature twice Firing resolutely prevents the formation of water ripples. The product is harder and flatter. The surface layer shows the actual effect of the mirror, which is as dazzling and charming as a diamond, which makes people feel an elegant, low-key and luxurious visual experience.

0 suction dirt. The mature secondary firing super-crystal process makes the diamond base harder, more stable in physical properties, and less likely to absorb dirt. The crystal glaze repeats the glazing process to reduce the intrusion of stains again reasonably and effectively. The 360-degree sealing process makes the product 360-degree anti-fouling, and resolutely eliminates the problem of product absorption. No matter how long it is used, the style will remain.

Super wear-resistant. The super abrasion resistance of diamond is still due to its crystallized glaze repeated glazing process. The unique crystallized glaze layer is thicker and more wear-resistant than the general glaze layer. Since then, there is no fear of scratches on home furniture and sandstone grinding. . After the trials, you will always keep the way you were when you first started.

High brightness. The diamond is repeatedly glazed with crystallized glaze with better crystal layer and light transmittance, so that the product can obtain higher brightness. The surface layer has a chromaticity of more than 103, which is smooth and luminous like a mirror, and is shining like a diamond. It not only makes the application space more bright and spacious, but also adds an elegant, low-key and luxurious experience.

Look closely next to each other, the diamond tile surface is very transparent and three-dimensional, let us take a look at its bright color and clarity The texture and lines of the product are particularly layered. From the side, we can see that the diamond surface layer is smooth and fine, and the flatness is particularly high. Touch-molded floor tiles have very detailed diamond textures and patterns, and a strong three-dimensional pattern. Compared with microcrystalline stone tiles, the price is much more affordable. Sometimes the actual effect of design and decoration is not inferior.

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