The blue ocean market of China's fire door industry

The blue ocean market of China's fire door industry
A fire door is a door made of fire-retardant materials with fire-resistant stability, integrity and heat insulation. It is mainly used for fire wall openings, stairwell entrances and exits, evacuation walkways, pipeline wellheads, etc. It is usually used for the passage of people. It can prevent the spread of flame and prevent the flow of combustion smoke in the event of a fire. It also plays a role of sealing when the positive air supply system is working. In today's increasingly mature fire protection technology, buildings with fire protection requirements have fire doors. At present, most of the domestic fire protection design codes clearly require the use of fire doors.

Why do fire doors occupies such an important position in fire protection design? The main reason is: when a building does not have a reasonable fire door configuration, it may spread small fires and cause major accidents. There are examples as proof. The MGM Hotel in the United States is a 26-story large hotel with luxurious interior decoration, but the amount of combustible materials used for decoration is unreasonable, and there are even some large holes in the firewall. On November 21, 1980, when a fire broke out in the restaurant on the first floor, the flames spread quickly and spread to the adjacent casino through the holes without fire doors, resulting in a tragedy of 84 deaths and 679 injuries.

Fire doors play an extremely important role in preventing the spread of fire. Therefore, fire doors must have a complete set of management methods in production, engineering application, and supervision. Only in this way can the fire door play its due role in the project.

The industry is still a 'blue ocean' market

At the end of 2009, my country has customized a new standard for fire doors. The new version of the standard introduces the concepts and requirements of partly insulated fire doors and non-insulated fire doors from international and foreign standards. The classification of fire doors has changed from the original classification of only insulated fire doors to insulated fire doors (A Class), partially insulated fire doors (Class B) and non-insulated fire doors (Class C) are classified; at the same time, the fire resistance limits of the original Class A, B, and C fire doors are adjusted to 1.5h, 1.0h and 0.5 h. This enriches the types of fire door products in our country and increases the choice of practical applications. For applications that only require fire doors with partial insulation or fire integrity requirements, partially insulated or non-insulated fire doors can be selected. .

The new version of the standard also stipulates that if the door leaf is filled with materials, fire and heat insulation materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body should be used to reduce the impact on human health. These regulations not only make the setting of fire doors more reasonable, but also reduce the production cost and raw material consumption of fire doors, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and the construction of a conservation-oriented society. At the same time, the new version of the standard also increases the content and requirements of steel and wood fire doors and fire doors of other materials, providing a technical basis for the production and inspection of new materials, new technology applications and new fire doors, and expanding the development space of fire door manufacturers. .

China's fire door market is still a 'blue ocean' market, mainly as follows:

1. The fire door industry is still an emerging industry with huge market capacity and market potential.

2. Due to the high qualification threshold of fire doors, not many manufacturers can really enter the fire door industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1,000 fire door companies across the country. This does not include those processing units that are family workshops. The grades of products produced by these processing units are uneven, with product prices ranging from several hundred to several thousand yuan.

3. The market structure in the industry has not yet formed. There are few large enterprises and brands, and there is no national leading brand.

The research, development and production of fire door products have played a positive role in ensuring the safety of people's lives and property. China's fire door market started late, but it has developed rapidly.

When visiting major building materials markets in Shijiazhuang, the author found that high-end door industry brands such as Maxim, Dekor? Heya, and Tianan are gradually gaining recognition in the local market.

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