The characteristics of diamond tiles


Diamond tiles, also known as diamond glaze tiles, diamond crystal tiles, super crystal glaze tiles, and some are also called diamond super spars. Although there are some differences in the names, the processing techniques used are the same, with very small differences. As a hot player in the ceramic tile industry, many ceramic tile manufacturers have introduced their own diamond tiles. From this point of view, it is obvious that diamond tiles have received attention.

Characteristics of diamond tiles:

1. Hardness standard

Because the enamel actually used in diamond tiles is a fusion of diamond particles, the hardness standard is very It has the advantages of high and very good abrasion resistance and not easy to be scratched.

9B908-Diamond ceramic tile-800*800

2. Flatness standard

Diamond ceramic tile production process, in the enamel The consumption of diamond tiles is more than twice that of ordinary glazed tiles, coupled with a long time of 'hard polishingFor neatness.

3. Transparency

Diamond tiles must be fired many times at high temperatures, so pore-free glaze can be produced on the tile surface, and the glaze layer has a higher gloss , The appearance design is also better, and the transparency is very good.

9B916-Diamond tile-800*800

4. Texture, pattern

The texture on the surface of diamond tile is usually all The high-quality pure natural precious marble is recovered by the real color process, which promotes the diamond tile glaze layer to have a good visual texture and a better visual texture, which is closer to the natural color, with a strong and delicate layering.

5. Thickness

Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the thickness of diamond tiles has increased a lot, so the hardness standard of the whole brick has been strengthened to a certain extent.

9B912-Diamond ceramic tile-800*800

6. Whiteness of color

Whiteness strengthened diamond glaze brick is better than usual glaze The surface brick is slightly whiter, the impurities are less, and the brick body is denser and firmer.

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