The characteristics of the whole body brick


1. The surface feature of the whole body brick is a little rougher. Because of this, the whole body brick has good anti-skid and abrasion resistance. Among them, the beautiful pattern of 'blooded bricks' is even more admirable.

2. The surface layer of the whole body brick is fine, and the direct benefit is that it may have low water absorption and strong anti-permeability. But this depends on the brand, you may want Choosing a better brand has better eyesight. Some products of poor quality will have interlayer cracking. The whole body brick is suppressed twice, and no one can catch it badly.

3. The whole body brick is a kind of brick body that is very moisture-proof. When the whole body brick is used in the kitchen decoration floor, you can use general cleaning when cooking and cooking are dirty. The cleaning agent and metal wire will not produce any unsightly small scratches or stains, which will affect the appearance. In normal handling, be careful to prevent dirt and dust from penetrating into the brick body, once it penetrates, it can't be wiped off.

4. There are more colors of the whole body bricks, and there are more room for consumers to choose. The color effects are colorful and there will be no glaze removal, which is of higher quality. The density of the material is relatively high. However, although the color is relatively rich, the color is still very single, and the pattern is basically the same as the vertical regular pattern, and some consumers may not like it.

5. Natural stone has a large thickness and heavy processing due to its low strength, which increases the load on floors and buildings, posing a potential threat and increasing costs. The brick body of the whole body brick is relatively thin and light in weight, which is convenient for transportation and paving. A manufacturing process of the whole body brick is very important, that is, the antifouling agent. If the effect of antifouling agent is not very good, the brick body may become particularly unsightly over time.

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