The development of bathroom hardware

Leading companies in the sanitary hardware products industry take advantage of this to make a strong attack. They usually have established a core concept before entering the market. On the basis of ensuring quality, they are compatible with advanced design concepts and establish their own patent projects. From appearance to design to quality are all independent brand products of Chinese people.

First of all, in terms of product structure and performance, we pursue a reasonable and humanized design of the product. It feels stable, strong and convenient when used. It will not loosen when shaken up and down by hand; secondly, the surface of the product is generally bright chrome, for satisfaction Individual decoration consumers require that some products are treated with antique color or gold on the surface, and the surface is uniform, smooth, without color difference, no shedding, and passed the 24-hour acid salt spray test, reaching level 10 or more; the third is the product material, Accessories: Plumbing and sanitary hardware products all use copper as the main material. Because copper is not rusty and anti-oxidant, it can ensure that the product has a longer service life and has a high recycling value.

Industry experts remind consumers that when purchasing faucets, they must pay particular attention to the valve core of the product. The valve core of the faucet is equivalent to the heart of the human body and controls the entire faucet switch.
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