The difference between diamond glaze and full polished glaze


The difference between diamond glaze and fully polished glaze:

The fully polished glaze tiles are very beautiful, but the glaze is soft and easily scratched, which is its shortcoming. Diamond glaze is said to overcome this point, and its glaze wear resistance is better than that of full polished glaze.

The specific difference between diamond glaze and fully polished glaze:

Diamond glaze:

The birth of diamond glaze has gone through ups and downs, and has repeatedly tackled technical difficulties. Research and development are based on different technical parameters, and the hard physical properties of diamond are copied to the surface of ceramic tiles. The research and development cycle takes longer than the full polishing glaze. The emergence of diamond glaze has changed the current development model of polished glaze products. Bricks also essentially affect the quality of polished glazed tiles.

Fully polished glaze:

Fully polished glaze is also called: 'full polished glaze in color'. In today's industry's technical definition of fully polished glaze products, it should be the product of traditional polished tiles that are glazed on the surface and then polished. For companies that originally produced polished tiles, it is not complicated to transform to produce fully polished glaze products. Compared with polished tiles, fully polished glaze products are richer in design and color. After the tiles are fired at high temperature, the coloring texture of the pattern is a dialysing color, not the rough pattern on the surface of ordinary tiles, but the special colored texture that is visible and intangible. The colors are bright, the variety of patterns is diverse, and the texture is natural. (Reprinted information: Fully polished glaze and fired tiles have a long service life. Generally, polished tiles are easy to matte after a long time; antique tiles are used for a long time, because the glaze layer on the surface is relatively thin, which is easy to wear. And all polished glaze fired The transparent glazed surface of ceramic tiles is relatively thick and not easy to wear, so its service life is 3 times that of general micro-powder tiles.)


How to distinguish between diamond glaze and full polished glaze:

General method: Choose one piece of fully polished glaze and diamond glaze bricks with the best quality, and place them side by side. Then observe the mirror effect between them. If the brick surface has a little water The ripple phenomenon is the permeability and test hardness of fully polished glazed tiles and diamond glazed tiles. The permeability is good and the hardness is high.

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