The difference between negative ion tiles and ordinary tiles


Nowadays, science and technology are becoming more and more developed, and various industries are developing rapidly. Ceramic tiles are no exception. Nowadays, ceramic tiles are no longer ordinary tiles. Many multifunctional tiles have gradually entered the market, including negative ion tiles. , Then the question is, what is anion tile? Compared with ordinary tiles, what are the functions of anion tiles? Today, the editor will tell you about it.

   anion tiles, as the name suggests, are tiles with anion function, the main idea of u200bu200bgreen, healthy and sustainable development. We all know that negative ions are negatively charged gas ions in the air. They have the functions of antibacterial and sterilization, dust removal and deodorization, improving body immunity, improving heart function, and neutralizing positive charges. They can freshen the air and reduce the impact of human technology on people. Radiation from the body.

In terms of craftsmanship, ordinary ceramic tiles are made by crushing, grinding, drying, and calcining. The sintering temperature is generally below one thousand degrees Celsius, and temperature control is not required. Generally, no processing is required. The processing technology required for negative ion ceramic tiles is relatively complicated, and it is sintered by a controlled advanced technology, which requires temperature control. In terms of performance, negative ion tiles have better seismic performance than ordinary tiles, and have higher wear resistance, no color difference, and no radiation pollution. They can release negative ions and can purify indoor air. Ordinary ceramic tiles may contain a small amount of radiation, which is not particularly environmentally friendly.

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