The difference between super spar and full polished glaze!


Because of the use of new technology, the ceramic super spar series products not only have the bright luster and colorful patterns of ordinary fully polished glaze, but also have the warm texture of jade and richer artistic expression. The colorful textures are more three-dimensional and full, and the colors are transitioned. More natural and realistic.

It is worth mentioning that the Mohs hardness of super spar is significantly improved compared with ordinary full polished glaze, which overcomes the shortcomings of full polished glaze tiles that are easier to wear, and its resistance to thermal shock, The performance of anti-cracking is much better than ordinary full polished glaze.

From the perspective of production, we analyze the production process of super spar and full polished glaze. The main differences between them are:

(1) The glaze layer is different. The super spar is thicker than the general full polished glaze in a glazing (transparent glaze) process. The transparent glaze of the general full polished glaze is 0.5-1 mm, while the transparent glaze on the surface of the super spar is thicker to 2-3 Mm;

(2) The polishing is different. Although super spar and fully polished glazed tiles have to go through the three processes of 'scraping-rough polishing-fine polishingFull polishing glaze uses soft polishing molds for polishing, while super spar uses hard polishing molds for polishing. We call it 'hard polishing' for short. Increased hardness makes grinding more difficult and polishing time longer, but the polished glaze surface is smoother. , The possibility of over-polishing is also reduced accordingly;

(3) Super spar is more stable. Super spar is fundamentally a good solution to the problems of waves, cracks, etc. of the full polished glaze.

Super spar is essentially an upgraded version of fully polished glazed tiles. The essence of super spar is to introduce new product concepts and to inject new technologies on the basis of full polished glaze production technology and craftsmanship as a highlight, so as to increase product prices. The body of super spar is relatively thin, mainly considering the use of raw materials and reducing energy consumption in the production process. Under the circumstance of ensuring the function of the product, the thinning of the product can be achieved to the greatest extent. In addition, most companies currently use a 4,200-ton press. The products are press-formed with high strength, and the surface layer of the brick surface is formed in a dense structure. Even if the body is thin, the high wall and height of the super spar brick can be guaranteed. Abrasion resistance.

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