The difference in cost performance of LED bathroom mirrors!

Online shopping is now the trend of the times. When some customers reflect to us the price of bathroom mirrors, they think that we are more expensive than some certain treasures. In fact, I just want to say that CBM is a manufacturer of direct-sales shipments. It has excellent brand guarantee and quality assurance. Its purpose is to serve each customer and customize its own bathroom cbm mirror for each customer. Knowing that LED bathroom mirrors belong to electrical hardware furniture, and its batteries are consumables, so the factory will not stock up, because the quality of stocked goods is not guaranteed. We customize bathroom mirrors according to the size and function required by each customer , To manufacture satisfactory bathroom mirror products for each customer. In terms of quality, we are different from many merchants who use silver mirrors. We use upgraded environmentally friendly mirrors with silver mirror technology. Mirrors are generally divided into silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. The paint used on the back of these two mirrors contains lead, so strictly speaking, they cannot be regarded as environmentally friendly mirrors. In recent years, the silver mirror technology has made breakthroughs, and lead-free paint can be used instead. This kind of mirror is called a lead-free and copper-free mirror, which can also be called an environmentally friendly mirror. The back paint of this kind of mirror is light gray, and it is rarely sold in China, and almost all of them are sold. High-gloss waterproof LED light bar and IP68 high-level waterproof power supply improve the quality of CBM bathroom mirrors. So don't think that the quality of some products sold by a certain treasure is the same as that of CBMLED high-end bathroom mirrors. We serve every consumer to produce hotel toiletries suppliersmirror products!
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