The effect of a large bathroom mirror on the bathroom

In the bathroom of a family or hotel, bathroom mirrors are also a key point of decoration. Through reasonable design and planning of the size, location and material of the bathroom mirrors, the bathroom environment can be better decorated to achieve a beautiful effect. Large-area bathroom mirrors and small-area bathroom mirrors have their own advantages. Large-area bathroom mirrors can better expand your bathroom, make your bathroom look larger and wider, and can also be used as a screen. Generally, bathroom mirrors are chosen to be about the same length as the bathroom cabinet, so that they can be matched more beautifully, just like the picture above. Of course, many friends who firmly believe that big is justice will also like large-area bathroom mirrors. For example, when I buy a mobile phone, in addition to looking at the configuration, I only buy large ones and not expensive ones. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day. CBM, welcome to pay attention to learn more about smart hotel toiletries suppliersmirrors.
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