The face value is bursting table, which one is good-looking to put it!


Aisle entrance, bathroom, dining table, living room...If you want these places to be different and add beauty, they don't actually need much decoration. The beautiful mosaic can make these 10 times more relaxed and beautiful. Minmetals tells you that a variety of different patterns meet the needs of different spaces, places and styles.

Aisle parquet

One side of the mosaic is enough to enhance the beauty of the aisle, and a small area can also make people stop and stay.

The back-shaped paving of wood grain bricks is simple and surprising.

The style of pure white Jane Ou makes people like it.

Minmetals Ground Flower Series 14

Parquet in the living room

The living room area is often larger than other spaces, and the complicated and exquisite parquet can be easily controlled.

The natural mosaic effect of wood-grain tiles is very beautiful after a simple shop.

Table parquet

Let you stay at home, not only the food, the beautiful dining environment also makes you have a pleasant mood. You might as well try to lay a mosaic under the table.

The black gold flower is used as a wave line to easily create a light and luxurious texture, which is irresistible.

The beige category brings a warm and pleasant family feeling.

Bedroom, study, kitchen parquet

Used in the bedroom, you can have a full sense of ceremony when you get up every day.

Toilet parquet

Unexpectedly, the bathroom can also be affixed with parquet.

Dotted paving is like dots of stars.

Retro texture parquet, ingenious.

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