The function definition of stainless steel shower faucet

The styles of shower heads on the market are getting newer and newer, and the replacement speed is fast. Especially the function is getting stronger and stronger. So what criteria should we use when choosing? Let Foshan Minmetals Sanitary Ware introduce to you:

1. Look at the spray effect. A good shower can ensure that each small spray hole sprays evenly and consistently. It can guarantee a smooth and dripping shower effect under different water pressures. You can test the water to see if the spray flow is even.

2. The spraying method of the shower is divided into lasing, massage, etc. Generally, the spraying side can bring more ideal shower pleasure. The shower can choose the appropriate spray mode according to the mood: the natural and comfortable rain type, the energetic massage type, the comfortable and warm spray type, the invigorating and soft water column type, and the water-saving drip type.

3. The way and function of the water outlet; the water outlet of the traditional shower is usually stored inside, but there is a style on the market that is just the opposite. The designer boldly exposes the water outlet to the outside, rubber The texture is hard to the touch. According to reports, on the one hand, this design is for easier cleaning, which can be scrubbed by hand or cloth; on the other hand, the water hole is prominent, and the shower will be more natural.

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