The knowledge of tile paste and maintenance


Ceramic tiles (including floor tiles) are commonly used decorative materials for residential bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles often have problems such as loosening, falling off, and water seepage during use, which cause great troubles to people. Stone adhesives and external wall waterproofing agents can be used to solve these problems.

Anti-loose and fall off

At present, cement mortar is mostly used as a binder for tile pasting. Its bonding fastness is not enough, and because of long-term exposure to damp, water seepage, and water immersion environment, it is easy to cause the tiles to loosen and fall off. Although adding 107 glue to cement mortar can improve the bonding strength, the effect is not ideal. Adopting resin-type adhesive to stick tiles, not only the bonding strength can reach or exceed the body strength of porcelain, floor tiles, and even marble, but also the long-term soaking in water will not cause falling off.

Water seepage prevention

Because the tile joints and the adhesive layer are more prone to water seepage, it will cause the neighboring indoor wall to return moisture, and the paint layer will peel off or the wallpaper will be damaged. The mosaic tiles decorated on the outer wall cannot withstand long-term wind and rain, and the phenomenon of water seepage and moisture return is particularly serious. It can be solved by using resin-shaped stone bonding combined with external wall waterproofing agent.

Add tiles to the surface of old tiles

Old tiles should be refurbished, and it is generally required that all tiles must be shoveled, which is very labor intensive. If you want to add new tiles to old tiles, cement mortar is difficult to do. This mobile phone uses a resin-based stone adhesive, which is not afraid of greasy and stains on the tiles, and has good bonding strength.

Maintenance of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are often contaminated by greasy, water-embroidered, soapy dirt, etc., especially the joints of ceramic tiles are more likely to contain dirt. In order to keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the gloss of the porcelain surface, you can use a multifunctional decontamination paste for cleaning. As for the crevices of the tiles, first use a toothbrush with a little decontamination cream to remove dirt, and then use a brush to brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices. This will not only prevent water seepage but also prevent mold growth.

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