The leader of the new era of ceramic tiles--diamond ceramic tiles


The leader of the new era of ceramic tiles--diamond ceramic tiles

The era of microcrystalline bricks has almost passed, the passing of microcrystalline bricks-the ushering of diamond tiles.

When the previous microcrystalline stone was still very hot, it was beautiful and easy to clean. The board surface is flat and clean, the color is uniform, the texture is clearly visible, the gloss is soft, and the color is bright and does not absorb water and prevent pollution. However, there is a fatal disadvantage that the layer is too thick and not wear-resistant, and the price-performance ratio of Foshan ceramic tiles is relatively low, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, a new product, diamond tiles, is slowly introduced to replace its position.

Especially this year, the microcrystalline stone in the ceramic tiles in Foshan has slowly withdrawn from the market, and the figure of microcrystalline stone is rarely found. On the contrary, the figure of diamond tiles appears in front of more and more people. . The diamond adopts the second-fired super-crystal technology and the second-time glazing process to make its glaze thicker, smoother, and more uniform in color. If it is too natural, the color will be more beautiful. And its characteristics are more lifelike, high environmental protection, high gloss, more wear-resistant, and flatter.

The more and more popular diamond tiles have vaguely become the leader of the ceramic tiles this year, and more and more home improvement, villas, and clubs choose diamonds. Especially the diamond tiles of Minmetals. As soon as China Minmetals' diamond tiles came out, they have been compared with other types of tiles in just a few months.

Diamond tiles are also very versatile: living rooms, rooms, etc. for home improvement; clubs: villas, bathroom facilities, shopping malls, hotels, etc.; because diamond tiles themselves have that luxury atmosphere, where they are used It will certainly seem to be of a high grade.

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