The magnifying glass function in the LED bathroom mirror

In the LED bathroom mirror, in addition to the ordinary function of controlling the light through the touch switch, there are many other functions. Common functions include defogging, time and temperature display, playing music, magnifying glass and so on. Today I will tell you about the magnifying glass function in the LED bathroom cbm mirror. This kind of mirror with a magnifying glass is also called a hotel toiletries suppliersmirror with a magnifying glass. It is characterized by a magnifying glass on the surface of the mirror, which is convenient for daily use (such as when shaving beards). The magnifying glass in the hotel toiletries suppliersmirror with magnifying glass is generally 3 times magnification, and the magnification of the mirror can be customized as you like. The other is the position of the magnifying glass. In addition to the magnifying glass in the above picture, which is located on the right side of the mirror, it can also be placed in the lower right, lower left, middle, and so on. The size of the magnifying glass can also be customized. In addition, most of the LED bathroom mirrors on the market can support the addition of a magnifying glass. If you need a magnifying glass, you only need to choose a good style and let the manufacturer customize it.
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