The necessity of setting up a monitoring system for fire doors

The necessity of setting up a monitoring system for fire doors
The fire door monitor is a control device that displays and controls the opening and closing of the fire door. It also controls the heart control room and the automatic fire alarm system. This device is a link that connects the front electric door closer, electromagnetic door stopper, Electromagnetic release and escape door locks and other devices.

So why set up this fire door monitor? So let's talk about its 4 necessities. The period Jinghongxing can laugh at me, but I still comment. Let’s keep your eyes open, Yue Qiang Lian, cold and regret, Yuanchang’s self-achieving goal is the 0th self-abolition and elimination of hotness

First of all, this satisfies the fixed linkage control design of the fire door system. There must be one or two fire detectors and a manual fire alarm button as the alarm signal in the fire compartment. This linkage trigger signal should be issued by the fire alarm controller or the fire linkage controller, and should be controlled by the fire door monitor linkage. The fire door is closed.

The second point is that it meets the requirements of the 'Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System' issued by the state on July 11, 2014. Here is a specific explanation of the design requirements and design methods of the fire door monitoring system. Mentioned the monitoring and control of normally open fire doors and the monitoring of normally closed fire doors. As soon as Tianjia cashes out, I love it.

The third point is to meet the safety requirements of fire doors. Some fire doors installed in many buildings will have safety hazards due to poor use and management. When a danger occurs, it is very important if the fire monitoring room conducts effective monitoring. It may cause the spread of fire and smoke.

The third point is to meet the effective monitoring of the normal working status of the fire door of the other party, and the monitor can always ensure that the function of the fire door is intact. If there is an abnormal state, an alarm will be given, so that the staff will let the fire door return to its normal working state. The sound is kind. On-site * from Daoxing Gu Baoxi).

Summary When the fire door monitor is abnormal, it can ensure the stable operation of the fire door.
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