The opening angle of the fire door

The opening angle of the fire door

Today I would like to discuss with you a question about the opening angle of fire doors....

I searched through standardized keywords and found that the name of the specification contains [fire doors] 】 Has the following 5 specifications:

'Code for construction and acceptance of fire shutters, fire doors, and fire windows' GB50877-2014

'Fire doors ' GB12955-2008

'Fire Door Closer' GA93-2004

'Fire Door Monitor' GB29364-2012

'Responding to the question of setting up the fire door monitor' (Public Consumer [2017] No. 159)

Retrieve the key word [opening angle] in the specific specifications, and there is only one article about the opening angle of the fire door that has specific requirements, from 'Fire Doors' Article of GB12955-2008:

The opening and closing of the door leaf is one operation, the operation period is 8S~14S, the opening angle of the door leaf is 70°, and the number of operations is recorded. During the test, it should be recorded: Whether the various parts of the fire door are loose, falling off, severely deformed, and blocking the opening and closing.

Speaking of the topic, why did I remember to mention the topic about the opening angle of fire doors, because

I saw someone provided one in a WeChat group designed Picture

Consult whether the fire door design of this picture can pass the review of the plan review office. It can be seen from the screenshot of this electronic version of the CAD that this stairwell is equipped with double-leaf fire doors, which need to be closed in sequence. The opening angle of the fire doors framed in pink in the picture is close to 180 degrees..... ....

I am very puzzled.....

I don’t know about fire protection products, and I don’t know if there are fire protection products on the market that have an opening angle of about 180 degrees. Door products. But at least, the normally closed fire doors with door closers in the actual projects that I have seen, when opened to the angle of the CAD screenshot above, there are only two situations, one is that the door closer is broken and the fire door is broken. Can not be closed, the other is that the door closer is not broken, and the fire door cannot be closed.

I will not say in this article about the fire case where the fire door could not be closed and the fire spread and caused heavy casualties. If you are interested, you can search on the Internet and search a lot.

Investigation report: Harbin Beilong Tangquan Leisure Hotel Co., Ltd. '8·25' Major Fire Accident Investigation Report

Why do designers love to design fire doors that can open 180 degrees? There is a reason, because the third clause of the mandatory provision 6.4.11 of GB560016 'Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings' (2018 Edition) stipulates: [The door that opens to the evacuation stairs or evacuation stairwell, when it is fully opened, does not The effective width of the stair landing should be reduced]

Please see the figure below for the icon of this clause:

The opening angles of the fire doors in the illustration are all 90 degrees.

Look at the picture on the left side of the picture to be more intuitive. In order to meet the requirements of the mandatory provisions of 6.4.11 Clause 3 of the 'Code for Fire Protection Design of BuildingsCan effectively reduce the occupied stair landing area.

Now the problem is back. Is there any fire protection product on the market that can open a 180 degree fire door?

I consulted some relatively authoritative departments and individuals, and compiled some excerpts from the discussion as follows:

Generally, fire doors can open up to 90 degrees, and the opening angle is determined by the hinge and door leaf and Determined by the structure of the door frame, the fire door is a one-way opening door. '

It is mainly the choice of hinges. In my impression, Germany has a hinge that can be opened to 165 degrees, but whether this two-way hinge is suitable for fire doors remains to be verified.'

General double-leaf The door and the door leaf have a tongue and groove in the middle seam, so as to ensure the airtightness during fire resistance, and the opening and closing of the door are in order. If the door is opened in both directions, there must be a gap between the door leaf and the outer frame, and there is also a problem of whether it can meet the fire resistance. 'Most fire doors can only be opened at 90 degrees, and some can be opened at a larger angle, but they can be opened at 160-degrees. It is understood that there is no 180 degree product.

Currently, I have learned about the following questions from designers about fire doors:

What is the maximum opening angle of the door?

How big is the maximum size of the fire-resistant door with oversized size?

How to calculate the effective width of the staircase platform for the design of the child-mother door?

The door closer of the fire door without positioning function on Taobao can be opened to 180 degrees. Is there such a product?

Do you want to install the small door in the mother-in-son door? Door closers?

The designer’s questions about fire doors are definitely far more than the 5 points I listed above, there are more...

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