The origin of antique tiles


Antique brick is a new variety emerging in ceramic tiles. It is different from polished tiles and porcelain slices. It is 'born with an antique' face. Therefore, people call it 'antique brick'. In addition to the term 'antique brickFrom these names, we can find that most of these names have an 'ancient' character. The 'ancient' of antique bricks means 'classic' and 'quaintClassical things are usually embodied in the vicissitudes of the years and the heavy history. The pursuit of antique bricks is a kind of 'natural' taste. Therefore, antique tiles in Europe and the United States usually don't have color numbers, letting it go, giving people a natural feeling. The 'imitation' of antique tiles is not deliberately counterfeiting or copying, but a pursuit, pursuing the natural feeling, and giving the home a simple and elegant temperament. Compared with the appearance characteristics of antique bricks and polished tiles and porcelain slices, antique bricks do give people an antique feeling, or it is closer to the 'natural' state. Each antique brick has its meaning, such as the tenacious 'Gobi rock love' that discovers life from nature, as an interpretation of the forces of nature, majestic, like a 'storm' that is like a cloud falling, and a solid The texture and rigid appearance of the ancient wood seems to have spent countless vicissitudes of life, such as the metal glazed bricks that always stand at the end of the trend and present the glamorous charm of fashion... The essence of the design of antique bricks is to reproduce “natural”. Reproduce the 'natural state'.

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