The overall price of ceramic tiles is about to increase


The fuse: Is the price of ceramic tiles going up?

From the perspective of the current market, the price increase of ceramic tiles is inevitable, but there are still many people who do not believe it, saying that the market is so difficult to do. At this time, the price will increase? It's like looking for death!

Then, let’s verify it.

Proof 1: Raw materials have risen rapidly

Looking at the current market situation, Foshan ceramic tile companies continue to With price increases, the profits of Foshan ceramic tile companies are also limited. With all kinds of material price increases, how long can companies carry them?

Recently, there have also been media reports such as Ceramic Information that with the soaring of coal and freight, the 'price increase' of the ceramic tile industry seems to have come. Many people in the industry said that the current terminal 'price war' is full of gunpowder, prices are chaotic, and ceramic tiles are seriously suppressed. Now when we talk about price increases, will dealers and customers wait for them to buy it?

The second argument: Before the soaring freight rate

, the media also reported on a large scale. Among the new freight-related regulations, the new standard stipulates a vehicle height limit of 4 meters, which also means that a 17.5-meter car cannot carry a height of 40 meters. The cabinet is on the way. Originally it could be delivered directly by the whole vehicle, but now it has to be divided into several small vehicles, and the freight will definitely be doubled.

Ceramic industry information Some people have learned that the prices of various raw materials purchased by ceramic companies are almost all rising. Under the strict regulations on over-limit and overload transportation, the price of clay purchased to the factory has risen sharply. With the continuous increase of 100 yuan per ton in the cardboard market, many carton factories either dare not take orders or each carton All have raised prices substantially.

Proof 3: Environmental protection is crushed

At the end of 2016, the media reported extensively on environmental protection control in Foshan and other production areas. Many manufacturers are particularly difficult, most companies Being forced to stop production, the orders received cannot be produced. Many companies have taken holidays in advance and pinned their hopes to 2017. This also means that the production costs of companies will increase in 2017, and product prices will rise. Conclusion: It won’t work if it doesn’t rise.

As many ceramic tile production areas across the country have exposed the news of ceramic tile price increases, it seems that only the Foshan ceramic tile production area is still standing still, but I feel that with the tight market environment Forcing, Foshan will soon be unable to sit still, because the overall price increase of ceramic tiles has no suspense.

The entire raw material has risen, the freight rate has increased, and the environmental protection has been shut down. Will the price of ceramic tiles increase far?

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