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The price of engineering ceramic tiles-polished tiles

by:CBM     2021-06-20

The main advantages of polished tiles are natural minerals, so there are no radioactive elements and no harmful substances to the human body. In addition, the compressive strength is very high, and the quality is better. Standing on the tiles, people can jump without problems. It is not easy to be weathered, and it is made with a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees. But although the patterns are not so rich, the polished tiles are strong and wear-resistant, and they are simple to make. The important thing is that they are very affordable! This is also a relatively large ceramic tile used in engineering. The anti-slip effect also meets the requirements of the engineering. The price is also relatively favorable. It is suitable for shopping malls, hotels, factories, schools and other places. It can be described as 'high cost performance'!

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