The problem after the inconvenience caused by a girl weighing 300 pounds


A 16-year-old girl in Linyi, Shandong Province has been overweight since she was born 3 months old and now weighs 300 kilograms. Being too heavy has brought a lot of inconvenience to her life and study, and the same vision of others also made her personality become introverted. Her weight is not ordinary obesity and cannot be reduced in a short time. Then we are thinking about another question:

If the weight of more than 300 kilograms is increased by skipping rope exercises, then at home Can the tiles withstand? Will it crack? If so, what tiles are better?

Actually, marble tiles can be used for durable tiles that can withstand heavy pressure and scratch resistance. One: Marble tiles, realistic texture, bright color. It gives people a sense of dignity and atmosphere, and the created space effect presents a kind of tolerance, which is more suitable for fashion people's pursuit of quality life.

Two: The surface of the marble tile is a glaze layer fired at a high temperature. The stain is completely impermeable, and after polishing, the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

3: Because the glaze layer on the surface of marble tiles is dense and smooth, the water absorption rate is less than 0.3%, so the marble tiles can be cleaned by washing with water.

Four: Marble tiles have a Mohs hardness level of 4-5, and the surface is protected by glaze, which makes the product wear-resistant.

Among the distinctive features of Minmetals marble tiles, the fourth is more prominent. We can do a test: During the test, we drove the car on the marble tiles and found that the Minmetals tiles were not only intact, but also the tiles did not make any noise during the whole process, and the car was driven back and forth on the tiles. The tiles in the case are still intact and not broken. This is enough to prove that Minmetals marble tiles have high flexural resistance and are more durable for home decoration.

Since the car can be moved back and forth on the Minmetals marble tiles with confidence, what is the point of doing exercise with a mere 300 kilograms of weight?

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