The reason why the Foshan ceramic tiles need to be soaked before they are applied and the solution for the tiles to fall off?


The polished tiles need to be soaked before being pasted. Do you know why? Below we introduce the reasons why polished tiles need to be soaked before sticking:

  Polished tiles are water-absorbent. After soaking, the polished tiles will not absorb moisture in the cement mortar to ensure the quality and effect of the paste.

   prevents the polished tiles from absorbing the moisture in the cement slurry and causing hollowing of the polished tiles. If the polished tiles are not immersed in water or the immersion time is too short, the moisture in the cement used for the polished tiles will be absorbed by the dry polished tiles in the future, and the adhesion between the cement and the polished tiles will be lost, which will cause the tiles. Take off.

   first put the polished tiles in the water to let it fully absorb water and then stick it on the wall. The polished tiles will not absorb the water on the grout so that it will not cause the hollowing of the tiles. If possible, wait until two days for the surface of the pasted polished tiles, and use spray to properly wet the wall to maintain the polished tiles, so that the polished tiles can better bond with the wall. It is better to add glue to the cement when pasting.

Placing tiles is a construction project encountered in almost all home decorations. Because of the widespread use of tiles, many owners have encountered the problem of hollowing. But the hollow drum is easy to warp and fall off. How to solve these problems?

First, the tiles are completely loose

  In this case, the treatment method is relatively simple. First, carefully take out the bulging ceramic tiles, and then remove the back of the tiles and the ground. Clean up the dust and impurities in the grassroots part, and use special tile glue to paste it. Because it is a floor tile, there are certain requirements for its compression resistance. The tile glue on the back of the tile can be evenly applied to the back of the tile when it is pasted, so as to avoid the tile hollowing.

Second, the ceramic tiles are not completely loosened

   The difficulty in dealing with this problem is that when the tiles are removed, the tiles may be damaged, which may involve damage. For the replacement of tiles, if there are no spare tiles, please confirm with your tile seller whether you can find products with the same color number (products of the same model, if they are not produced in the same batch, the color may be different) , Refill some tiles of the same color number. Crack the tiles from the middle, use a crowbar to carefully pry the damaged tiles from the middle to the surroundings, so that the treatment will not cause damage to the surrounding tiles. After the tiles are taken out, then follow the following methods to deal with That's it.

   can also be processed by grouting, that is, cement mortar mixed with 108 glue is penetrated from the cracks of the tiles to the bottom of the tiles. (This treatment method is a palliative but not a permanent solution. It cannot completely solve the problem of tile looseness. It may still appear loose after a long period of time.) In addition, after the ceramic tiles are processed by the above methods, the ceramic tiles are not Don't walk around and trample on it before drying!

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