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Modern home decoration has various interior decoration styles, and various matching techniques are varied. Floor tiles are a major protagonist of home decoration materials in home decoration. As long as they can be matched with a good design style, it will be more than unexpected. The surprise will make your little family noble. Today, I will teach everyone how to match floor tiles with house decoration style! How to match different interior decoration styles with floor tiles

1. Fashion trend, modern and simple style. Fashion trend and simple style are characterized by simplicity, lightness, and ease of use. Because of the 'concise styleThe modern minimalist style emphasizes function first, and form obeys function. Therefore, when designing suspended ceilings, theme walls, etc. occupy space, shapes that do not have much practical value can be saved. The styles of furniture should be as simple as possible, with straight lines as the mainstay. The choice of floor tiles can be monochromatic, simple and neat with small straight-grained patterns, or patterns with obvious artificial design traces of fashion and trendy avant-garde designs.

2, Mediterranean style. The Mediterranean style has always been romantic, with blue and white, yellow and other colors in the tones. The floor tiles of the Mediterranean style decoration and matching skills should be matte antique tiles, mosaics and other floor tiles.

3. Modern European style. Today's European style has both European classic flavor and current fashion trend. Therefore, it is better to choose light-toned white and other imitation marble tiles and imitation marble texture and imitation stone floor tiles in the selection of floor tiles.

4. Classical European style. In our country, there are not many families who like classical European style, but some people like classical European style of grandeur. Therefore, in classical European decoration, choose imitation stone floor tiles with soft color, uniform texture, meticulous, and light feeling. The color should not be too high. Dark or light, should be medium tones such as yellow or light brown.

5. Pastoral style. Pure natural materials reflect the texture, pay attention to the simple and natural, return to the original feeling, reflect the vicissitudes of nature and the old texture, which are currently a popular method in naturalism. For example, the rustic furniture made of old wood is closer. The breath of earth and nature. In terms of choosing floor tiles, you can consider single-pieces with a strong sense of solid wood, and floor tiles with decorative effects such as large flowers and tree knots. The color is mainly solid wood. Log effects such as maple and pine reflect a beautiful decoration style.

6. Mix and match styles. Mix and match styles generally pursue individuality, so floor tile matching skills can be free. If you are inclined to modern and simple styles, you can choose light colors for floor tile matching skills. At this time, you can match the skills with a little exaggerated and more complex imitation stone flooring. Bricks can prevent the entire space from appearing simple and empty due to unity. The choice of floor tiles in home decoration is very important. It is necessary to carry out the matching skills according to your own home decoration design style. The selection and matching skills of floor tiles with different design styles are also different, so everyone should pay attention to the choice of floor tiles. Own home decoration design style.

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