The upgrade of ordinary mirrors-the new form of mirrors

We always use mirrors at home, such as when dressing and matching clothes, or when shaving beards. Most of the mirrors we use in our daily life are just ordinary mirrors. And now with the development of technology and people's pursuit of life, mirrors have slowly begun to be different. In addition to ordinary mirrors, there are various mirrors with intelligence, such as mirrors that can play music, mirrors with electric heating and defogging, mirrors with LED lights, and so on. This kind of smart mirror is currently mainly popular abroad, and we can also see them in some hotels. It is not common in domestic personal homes. This new form of cbm mirror was also invented for the convenience of people's use. For example, a mirror with an LED light allows you to turn on the LED light in a dark environment to provide lighting for a more convenient use of the mirror. This kind of mirror is similar to ordinary mirrors in use, but its modern style of painting is easy to make people's eyes bright, and I can't help but like it. One of the most interesting is the tunnel mirror, which is a mirror like a space-time tunnel.
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