There are many misunderstandings in tiling, one step is wrong! ! !


Ceramic tiles are a very important main material in the decoration process. However, there are many brands of ceramic tiles on the market, which often make consumers dazzled.

It is not easy to 'know the roots' of ceramic tiles in a short period of time, so I will tell you some misunderstandings about wall tiling today, so don't make any mistakes in the future!

Misunderstanding 1: The larger the tiles are like the numbers in the bank card, the better?

Because of the increasing popularity of Nordic style, cold style and other styles, the ceramic tile and wood floor specifications that match with them have a growing trend. As you can see in the decoration renderings, large-size tiles will make the room look more atmospheric and the overall effect will be better, and the larger the tile size, the fewer the joints.

However, the popular 'small apartments' and 'small rooms' this year are not suitable for laying large-size tiles. The size of the tiles blindly seeks to be large, which will make the room narrower, and at the same time will cause waste in the paving process, and it is not beautiful.

Misunderstanding 2: The smaller the gap, the better it looks, but there will be a little accident...

When laying tiles, everyone hopes The gap is smaller, thinking that the smaller the gap, the higher the appearance. However, if the gap left during paving is too small, the ability of the tiles to adapt to the environment will deteriorate. Due to changes in the ambient temperature, the tiles may squeeze each other, which may cause cracks and shorten the service life of the tiles.

So, the so-called 'seamless' tiles do not mean that they are completely seamless. The thermal expansion and contraction of tiles require us to reserve gaps for them. The size of the gap of seamless bricks should generally be about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm; special effects can also widen the gap to 5mm.

Misunderstanding 3: I don’t understand your bricks, how can I 'play' happily?

In the construction process, the mistake that everyone makes easily is to ignore the product performance and not follow the product's use regulations for paving. A common mistake is to use floor tiles as wall tiles to save costs.

But the physical and chemical properties of different tiles are different. For example, the water absorption rate of wall tiles is different from that of floor tiles. Wall tiles are high, and floor tiles are different. Low, their flexural strength is also different. In addition, the frost resistance of interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles is also different. Therefore, you must understand the performance of wall tiles before paving, choose tiles based on performance, and operate according to the packaging box or the manufacturer's statement.

The above is the content of the misunderstanding of wall tiling brought by the editor. Friends who are preparing to tiling must pay attention to the misunderstandings mentioned above. Pay attention, otherwise it is equal to buying tiles and decorating for nothing!

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