There are two places to pay special attention to floor tile interior decoration!


In interior decoration, floor tiles are a very important part. One carelessness will seriously destroy the overall actual effect. Floor tile paving pays attention to small details, so what are the common problems in it?

The floor tiles are worried about emptying. It seems that mason work is also an image project in interior decoration. Floor tiles or stone slabs are not very good, which will not only affect the appearance, but also may cause problems such as water leakage again.

1. Types of tiles. Floor tiles are the only relatively common decorative building materials used in kitchens and bathrooms. As a world power producing and processing ceramics, in the Shang Yin era, China has already used floor tiles for design and decoration. After several years of gradual improvement, the types of ceramic tiles are roughly divided into: whole body tiles, polished tiles , Polished glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, diamonds, antique tiles, porcelain slices, glazed tiles, microcrystalline stones, etc. The water absorption, composition and production process of each floor tile are different.

2. What does empty drum mean? Hollowing refers to the inconsistency of floor tiles and adhesive layer. Different from the tooling and fittings, the wall tiles can not cause the problem of hollowing in the home decoration. The root cause of the hollow drum problem is: the skill of the construction staff and the quality of the bonding raw materials. If there is an empty drum, the floor tiles are very easy to crack, and the wall tiles are very easy to fall off.

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