There is always a 'Galaxy' between the fire door and the anti-theft door

There is always a 'Galaxy' between the fire door and the anti-theft door

According to the investigation, at this stage, except for a very small part of high-end security doors, perlite fire-resistant materials are used for market promotion with fire-proof and anti-theft functions (one more layer of function, more peace of mind has become a bright spot to attract consumers , But the market share is very limited), in the mid-range anti-theft doors and ordinary anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors, non-standard doors and other products, the utilization rate of honeycomb paper is still the highest. The reasons are nothing more than two points. One is objective factors such as process cost. The specific reasons have been discussed in the previous section. Another reason is that there are no corresponding clauses in the civil building design fire code and the national standard for fire doors. So, why do anti-theft door factories generally use honeycomb paper instead of replacing them with other fire-proof fillers to upgrade them to fire-proof anti-theft doors?

There is no specific reason for the two important guiding regulations. The main reason is the conflict between the fire and security regulations. Fire prevention and anti-theft are two completely different product attributes. Anti-theft doors are security products, and fire doors are fire-fighting products. Between security and fire protection, there are many irreconcilable conflicts between the two.

In terms of basic functional properties:

Security emphasizes stability and reliability, with many locking points on the door leaf, and relatively cumbersome operation , The opening and closing time is relatively long.

The fire protection emphasizes speed and convenience. The door leaf should be unlocked quickly, the operation should be simple and direct, and it can be opened by instinctive reaction.

Prevention requirements under normal conditions:

Security doors require all lock points to be locked, no matter what In any case, to open the door, only legally authorized specific personnel can open and close through the key or other control methods.

The fire doors belonging to the fire protection system will be kept in the normally closed or normally open state according to the installation situation. In the event of an emergency, anyone can open the lock and escape at the *time Or close the door and lock, without any authorization and complicated operation.

In a sense, there is no real so-called fire-proof and anti-theft door at all, because the completely different functional attributes between the two cannot be organically combined. Even if there is, it is just psychological comfort. Although there are more fire-proof fillings, the essence of fire-proof function has not changed.

Because the country has not issued relevant regulations, there is no general promotion in the industry.

Of course, it is not ruled out that with the continuous improvement of construction and fire-related laws and regulations, in the future, a kind of anti-theft door with relatively lower fire-proof function requirements will appear in the national standards. At the same time, with the improvement and application of aluminum honeycomb products and special fire-resistant honeycomb paper technology, the fireproof performance of the anti-theft door filling material will be further improved, so that the anti-theft door has a certain high temperature and fire resistance function while having the main body of anti-theft.

We will wait and see, and look forward to that day.

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