They are all fire doors, why are the effects completely different?


The damage caused by fire is unimaginable. It not only destroys material and property, but also directly or indirectly endangers lives, causing the joys and sorrows of countless families. Especially public buildings are crowded with people, the elderly, the weak, and sick. Once the fire is uncontrollable, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Let's look at a set of cases first

Case 1: At 3:53 pm on December 21, 2017, Korean time, a fire broke out in an 8-story sports center building in Hasho-dong, Jecheon City, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. The fire killed 41 people and the number of casualties reached 112. Most of the victims died of asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. The fire authorities said: After the fire broke out in the parking lot on the first floor of the building, the fire spread along the stairs to the eighth floor of the building. After the fire rose to the ceiling of the first floor, the escape route was blocked and people could not escape smoothly. This is the reason why the number of victims continued to rise one.

In the case, we can see two key points: 1. The fire spreads along the staircase channel to the eighth floor of the building; 2. The escape channel behind the ceiling on the first floor is blocked, and personnel cannot escape smoothly.

And a domestic fire can also give us some enlightenment.

Case 2: At about 21 o'clock on October 8, an electric vehicle ignited spontaneously in a residential building in Wulong Garden, Shanxi Province, producing a lot of smoke. After the residents found out, they took water to put out the fire. When firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue, they found that although the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles produced a lot of smoke, not many residents were trapped. It turned out that due to the fire door in the corridor, the smoke was controlled to a minimum.

The two fires are very different. What is the reason? After the second accident, firefighters checked and found that it was mainly due to the fire doors installed in the corridors, which successfully prevented the fire from spreading further and prevented the fire from entering the flammable materials upstairs. Therefore, it is also a fire door. Some have good fire protection effects and can protect the safety of personnel and property in the building to the greatest extent, while some are completely invalid and useless. So how to ensure the fire protection effectiveness of fire doors? Let's first take a look at the principle of the fire door to achieve fire protection.

Count down the functions of fire doors

Fire doors are mainly used for fire protection in key areas of fire protection. They are usually used on firewalls. The entrances and exits of stairwells or the openings of pipe wells are required to prevent smoke and fire. Therefore, in addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and smoke. They can prevent the spread of fire within a certain period of time, ensure the evacuation of personnel, and buy time for fire rescue. Fire doors are also called As the 'gate of life

Although the country has compulsory fire protection certification for fire doors, the building also passed the fire protection acceptance before being put into use, but in actual use, not all fire doors can be fireproof. This is mainly because the fire door is burned when it is closed during the test, so that it can meet the fire and smoke prevention requirements of the country. In actual use, it is difficult to achieve the fire check due to improper hardware configuration or irregular use of the fire door Conditions, not to mention the quality of the fire doors in domestic buildings, the hardware alone has been damaged very seriously. The door locks are severely damaged, such as the handle sagging, the handle falling off, and the wrong hardware configuration selection. It is impossible to realize the door leaf in the event of a fire. Turn off automatically. Once there is a fire in the building, if the fire door of the stairwell is open, heavy smoke will rush upwards along the corridor, making it impossible for the personnel upstairs to escape. If the fire door is closed, the smoke can be 'locked' to protect people in other areas of the building.

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