Tile art background wall classification

Art tile is to use contemporary new printing technology, coupled with special production technology, can print any favorite artwork on the ordinary tiles of different materials that we see every day, so that every conventional tile becomes one piece. Pieces of artwork. Laying artistic tiles on the indoor wall becomes the background wall of artistic tiles. Art ceramic tiles are divided into two types: illusion color + fine carving and illusion color + plane: fine carving: fusion of glaze and micro carving dual high-tech technology, the concave-convex picture is undulating with high-temperature sintering colors, strong three-dimensional effect, good permeability, high fidelity Over time, the collection value is high. It is new material and new technology. For hard materials such as ceramics and glass, fine carving can be made. Fine carving has the following advantages: unrestricted pattern shape, different degrees of concave-convex depth, fine carving edge can be vertical, and multi-level. Symphony: The raw materials can be colored with some uneven, glossy, matte, and color texture, and the picture has a high degree of restoration, with a resolution of up to 36 million pixels, and the image texture is delicate, comparable to the photo printing effect in the advertising industry. 1. The decoration effect is very beautiful, there are many kinds of patterns, you can choose the TV background wall pattern according to your own decoration style and preferences, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style and so on. 2. Generally it belongs to individual customization. After the pattern is burned or carved on the tile, the color is very realistic, the color is not faded, it is waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is durable. 3. Because it is personalized customization, it can be customized according to the actual size of your decoration, so there may only be one near your neighbor. 4. As the highlight of the living room decoration, the TV background wall can reflect the owner's taste and artistic self-cultivation, so how to choose the TV background wall and the material is very important, and the ceramic tile TV background wall can solve this problem. 5. The construction is convenient and harmless to people.

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